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What are the causes of obesity in children?

Determining whether a child is obese or obese is by a specialist, but in general the child may be considered obese if the weight is more than 20% or more normal. The higher the percentage, the greater the problem. The problem in our Arab societies is that a large segment of mothers do not pay attention to the obesity and seriousness of their children in al-Safawla and after al-Kabir, and this often comes from ignorance of proper nutrition. For this reason, the growth of children during the various stages of life must be followed by the pediatrician who follows up on this phenomenon as soon as possible.

And obesity in children stands behind the many reasons, including the causes of illness and due to the habits and misconduct. The most important of these reasons can be summarized in:

A) Pathological causes of childhood obesity:

1 - Some diseases such as endocrine disorders, lack of thyroid hormone and increase the secretion of the adrenal gland, which in turn to the emergence of hormonal disorders that cause weight gain.

2 - treatment with cortisone drugs such as the treatment of asthma, which cause weight gain significantly.

Genetic diseases and genetic predisposition to obesity.

B) Causes of ignorance and misconduct:

1 - giving the child foods in the period of breastfeeding with milk.

2 - Malnutrition, which is often produced from fast food and ready or mother pressing all the time on the child to eat many foods rich in calories, which may be incomplete nutrients that the child needs to grow healthy.

3 - Neglecting breakfast, which in turn inhibit the metabolism of the child, or on the other hand to give the child sugary foods, which works to speed up the level of sugar in the blood and decreased again to feel more hungry.

4. Increase sleep periods from the normal period.

5 - Neglecting the exercise, which reduces the burning of calories and works to store in the form of fat and grease difficult to burn afterwards.

6 - Use the computer for a long time or sit for a long time in front of the television.

Are we ready now to protect our children from the dangers and problems of obesity to enjoy a healthy and happy life?

Treatment of anorexia in children

The loss of the child appetite in childhood age is a serious problem must stop, sudden loss of appetite in children all this is a lack of desire to eat, this problem, "loss of appetite" one of the most common problems among children and cause the mother to worry about the health of her child and suffering in dealing Especially when the mood is volatile ... In some cases the child comes back to his life and eat again, but in many other cases too long periods of time does not eat, but that indicates the existence of a health problem and psychological suffering of the child.
How do you know that a child is suffering from anorexia?
Anemia is a disease that affects the digestive system.
The wrong way that all mothers use with their children is to force them to eat, but this method is wrong.
Anemia is a disease that affects the digestive system.
Sometimes the child becomes lonely which affects his feeding.
The child is exposed to some diseases, which is anemia, one of these diseases so that the child loses appetite to eat. Changes in the growth of the child of the reasons that reduce appetite, especially after the first year and this is normal cause.
The wrong way that all mothers use with their children is to force them to eat but this method is wrong.
To treat anorexia in your child:
The mother must specify a specific hour throughout the day, ie, food is served at certain times so that the child will not be bored by the amount of food that he should eat.
The mother must provide food to the child in the prescribed hours even if the child is not satisfied with eating at this time.
A lot of food and items on the dining table will open the appetite of the child to eat and should be eating contains light colors, especially fresh vegetables.
Do not help the child when eating .. Let him eat his food alone.
Do not force him to eat a certain food, but must be left to eat alone.
Do not present candy to the child when you approach the meal.
The mother should provide food when the child is only hungry, taking into consideration that the meal is divided.

The easiest and fastest diet for children

Many children suffer from obesity and obesity, which causes many physical, health and psychological problems, including but not limited to: heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, depression, lack of self-confidence, aggression and more ...

What causes obesity and weight gain in children?
Eat large amounts of sweets, sugars and foods high in fat and calories.
Lack of movement and lack of exercise or any motor activity.
Follow the wrong eating habits such as eating in front of the TV or in bed.
Having a large vacuum in the child increases the intake of food.
Child injury by psychological strikes.
Lack of attention to weight and appearance of the child.
Genetic and genetic factors.
Infection of the child with a disease such as thyroid and other diseases that cause weight gain.

Despite the large number of slimming products, the mother finds herself afraid of the serious damage to drugs and slimming products, and the high costs of going to a specialist doctor or nutritionist and not having time to go to the club, for example. Therefore, we are pleased today in the magazine of rapid slimming Department of Pediatrics to offer you Ms. Rajim for children very easy and fast, and includes all the nutrients needed by your child and the appropriate amounts to satisfy with the lowest possible amount of fat, sugars and calories, which will eventually lose weight quickly without any risk. Especially if this is in the context of urging and helping the child to increase his movement and exercise of sport in any form, even through the degree and walking and running.

Children calendar
First: Breakfast.

Consistent throughout the dieting period and consists of: 2 pieces toast roasted toasted + 4 tablespoons of beans.

First day
Snack: Fresh fruit of any kind, such as strawberries, grapes, bananas, oranges + 1 cup of skimmed milk.

Lunch: a cup of boiled pasta + a plate of boiled vegetables + a plate of green salad.

Snack: a cup of skimmed yogurt.

Dinner: Roasted toast slice + free cream cheese.

the second day
Lunch: Large dish of vegetable stew and kofta.

Snack: 8 pieces of assorted nuts not added salt, preferably non-roasted Kalstq Halabi and almonds and camel eye.

Dinner: Roast toast toasted steak + tuna can oil and fat strainer and washed with water.

the third day
Lunch: large plate of vegetable salad + 2 slices of margarita pizza (vegetables).

Dinner Dinner: Toasted Roast Toast Steak + Lunchoon Piece of Confectionery Type.

the fourth day
Lunch: a piece of mashed potato + a piece of grilled chicken skin + a plate of vegetable salad.

Snack: 1 cup fresh orange juice without sugar or with the least amount of honey.

Dinner: One quarter cup of Corn Flakes (wheat flakes) with a glass of skimmed milk.

The fifth day
Lunch: Vegetable salad + chicken grilled fillet.

Dinner: Roasted toast + boiled egg + 1 cup skimmed milk.

the sixth day
Lunch: boiled spaghetti dish + vegetable salad dish.

Dinner: a glass of skim milk.

the seventh day
Lunch: 2 slices toasted toasted + salad vegetable salad + tuna tray washed with water after filtered from oil.

Dinner: Sweet potato, grilled or boiled as desired + 1 cup skimmed milk.

Important notes:
This is a set of general observations that must be followed during and after children's diet for not returning weight again:

Each meal should be separated by two hours.
Dinner is recommended at least 3 hours before bedtime.
Sports and movement constantly will protect your child from gaining weight.
After dieting, check your child's food and the amount of his movement so that his weight does not increase again.
Repeat your child to increase his movement and urging him to do so consistently is no less important than dieting.
The child must be trained to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

The best time to burn fat is exercise

Exercise is not limited to those who are overweight or fat accumulation in certain areas of the body, but the opposite is true. Exercise is absolutely necessary to ensure that the body is healthy by the age of the person practicing the sport, provided that the exercise is appropriate for every age or period of time, whether you are a child, an elderly person, a young person or a pregnant woman.

Exercise in general will help you maintain a healthy, lean, fat-free and disease-resistant body. In contrast, not exercising will expose you to multiple chronic diseases and, of course, weight gain that is also caused by many chronic diseases, Blockage of the arteries, which in turn leads to high blood pressure and diabetes and heart disease. This is not talking on the psychological side, lack of exercise will lead to permanent inactivity and mood swings etc.

To simplify the matter, the mechanism of fat burning exercise sports is the acquisition of energy by eating energy through the body uses the oxygen obtained through the process of breathing (inhalation) to burn food after eating to produce the energy used by man on a daily basis in his usual activities. But if the amount of energy that is needed is converted to fat stored in the body to be used later when the body needs energy, and in contrast if the energy gained from the required daily amount, the body will burn stored fats to compensate for the energy needed. In the case of equal energy intake of the person with the exercise of the sport may not show any result.

We conclude from the above that if a person wants to burn fat, he should reduce his daily consumption of food and increase the daily effort exerted through exercise, knowing that the sport we mean is not limited to just moving the body members for a few minutes and then reward themselves with some But we need to make a real and sufficient effort during the exercise to induce the body to compensate for the energy difference by burning the fat accumulated by it.

As for the best time to exercise to burn fat is early in the morning after waking up and before breakfast, according to a study published at the University of Northumbria in this regard, individuals who start the morning exercise exercise burn 20% more than those who exercise after have breakfast. The study, however, confirmed that those who exercise first eat a meal less than those who started their day with breakfast instead of sports.

This never reduces the importance of exercise in the evening, but the study was limited to the best time to burn fat. In the evening, the muscles are in the best case of flexibility and the lungs are very active, which increases the level of burning and metabolism of the individual, which leads to increased activity of the body and energy consumption and burning fat, provided that the immortality of sleep after exercise directly where the body needs rest After exercise to avoid exposure to insomnia or difficulty sleeping that results from high stress rate during exercise.

The study also stressed the need to drink plenty of fresh water and juices during exercise, and this is always recommended in the magazine rapid slimming to avoid fatigue and fainting, provided that taking into account the health situation like those who suffer from diabetes, we advise them to consult with their doctor in terms of practice and daily eating .

Allow tiredness during exercise

If you are tired or tired during or after exercise, we are pleased today in the magazine Slimming Fast, the first electronic magazine specializing in fitness, health and beauty to give you a set of golden tips that will help you to avoid feeling tired, tired and pain during exercise .

First: Do not do.
Exercise intensively: If you want to intensify your exercise or exercise, your body will not be able to deal with this pressure, and will suffer from collapse and will exhaust his energy and you will feel very tired. The solution here is to exercise gradually to avoid the pain and problems of bones and muscles and your body can adapt to it.
Bad diet: The goal of your diet now is to extend your body with all the energy you need to be able to do daily activities and exercise regularly, so your diet should include protein, carbohydrates and fat. A snack before and after exercise is recommended to extend the body with the necessary energy.
Comfort: Comfort is essential for your body to find the energy needed. Without rest, your body will not be able to exercise well or do its job properly.
Commitment to many tasks: When your life is filled with many obligations will result in stress, and doing everything at the same time will inevitably cause you to collapse and low levels of energy in your body. Therefore, you should take some rest before exercising and some exercises.
Secondly: I do.
March Warm-up exercises: One of the most important reasons to prevent muscle cramps leading to the cessation of exercise, so be careful to do some simple warm-up exercises before exercising daily.
Regularly practicing sports will protect you from injury, tiredness and exhaustion, so be sure to exercise regularly and regularly.
Follow a healthy balanced diet: Remember the role of nutrition in protecting your body from fatigue and fatigue during the training period, so you should be careful to follow a good diet that allows your body all the nutrients that need during and after training.
Moisturizing the body: Moisturizing the body here is not intended to moisturize the skin, but moisturize the body from the inside by drinking an appropriate amount of water before training and extend the body with potassium and sodium to moisturize the nutrients needed to avoid fatigue and fatigue during exercise.
Third: Tips to maintain body moisture during exercise.
Drink plenty of water: you should drink 2: 3 liters a day, along with a sip of water every period during exercise to avoid feeling tired, dry and avoid hypoproteinemia.
Eating fruits: The fruit has a high ability to rid the body of free radicals and compensate for loss of water and supply the body with minerals and vitamins necessary for freshness and vitality. Among these fruits are orange, lemon, cranberry, cherry and grapefruit.
Body weight: You should weigh your body before and after exercise, and make up for any part of your weight lost by drinking plenty of water.
Check the color of urine: After taking some rest during the exercises drink water and enter the toilet to urinate, and here should focus on the color and degree of flow of urine, as the urine should be like water or very pale yellow, while dark yellow urine may be a sign of drought is One of the causes of fatigue and exhaustion.
Test for softness of the skin and dry mouth: One of the signs of dehydration is when the skin is pressed or pinched or hardened, you will find that the skin does not return to normal quickly. Dry mouth is one of the first signs of dehydration. Therefore, when feeling this symptom, we should stop exercising and take a sip of water and rest a little while focusing on the speed of the heartbeat to avoid the risk of dehydration.
Stop dizziness immediately: Last but not least, feeling dizzy during exercise is a sign of dehydration and therefore low blood pressure, and a sign of the need to stop exercising hard. What happens now in your body is the difficulty of pumping blood throughout the body by the heart because of the ability of the water to facilitate the flow of blood in the body correctly and therefore should stop immediately and drink water and take a break.

Lower abdominal slimming exercises

The problem for women and girls who suffer from fat build-up in this area, despite the agility of their bodies, is known. The main reason for the emergence of the lower abdominal area is the relaxation and weakness of the lower abdominal muscles, which facilitates the accumulation of fat in this area.

It is worth mentioning that the beauty of your body will not be complete except to tighten this area to enjoy an attractive appearance and to increase your confidence and to increase the health of your nationality.

Important notes:
1. Repeat each movement in these exercises 16 times and rest a little before moving on to the next exercise.

2. If you suffer from a health problem, exercise should be practiced for less equipment and with the use of time.

Lower abdominal exercises
Exercise 1:
Lie on the floor

Spread your hands along your body

Lift your waist up and drop it again 16 times

* Keep hands and feet firmly on the ground.

Exercise 2:
Stand and turn your back and leave a wide distance between your feet

Stretch your arms forward

Bend your knees so that the weight of the body rests on the buttocks

Stand again for the first position and repeat the movement 16 times

Exercise 3:
Lie on your back

Lift your legs at an angle

Place your hands behind your head

Lift your head a little and make sure to install your old in the air

Exercise 4:
Rest your body on earth

Lift your legs to be vertical on the floor, taking care that your knees are free

Spread your hands so that your legs touch your legs and they are up to the top

Exercise 5:
Spread your body on the ground

Make your legs at an angle

Place your hands next to your body and hold your body to the ground

Move your legs toward your body and move them forward

Weight loss exercise

We understand your needs: we want to have a firm back, a flat belly, a pair of legs, a body that looks great in any outfit we wear. It may all seem so much, but not impossible, if we work hard. It is our chance to demonstrate our ability to meet challenges. By exerting effort we can overcome our body and take the highway to reach the new body we want to get.

How do you conduct this training?
We should do this exercise 3-4 days a week with a day off. We perform one set of each exercise in the order shown. Each exercise should exercise as many repetitions as possible within 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds of movement, take 30 seconds of rest, and move on to the next exercise. Once you finish a set of each exercise, relax for two minutes. Then we repeat the entire exercise group twice until we reach 3 groups.

If we feel tired and can not complete the 30 seconds, we stop and rest a little for a few seconds and then continue to exercise until the end of time. For each exercise, we use a weight that can be repeated from 10 to 12.

5-8 weeks: We do this course three days a week. We perform one set of each exercise in the order shown. Each exercise should be exercised for as many repetitions as possible in 40 seconds. When you finish 40 seconds of movement, take 15 seconds of rest, then move on to the next exercise. Once you finish a set of each exercise, relax for two minutes. Then we repeat the entire exercise group twice until we reach 3 groups.

If we feel tired and can not complete the movement for 40 seconds, we pause to rest for a few seconds and then continue our exercises until the time is up. For each exercise, we use a weight that can be repeated from 10 to 12.

Course: We perform one set of each exercise in a row, without rest between exercises. Once you have completed these exercises, repeat the cycle again - we perform one set of each exercise without resting between them. We continue to exercise until the specified number of groups is performed.

Strength: We complete all sets of exercises at the same time with comfort. Then we move on to the next exercise.

Intensive group: We perform two consecutive movements (as a course) without resting between them.

Sports methods for slimming

Many people are looking for a slim body, especially those who are overweight. Obesity has become a real suffering, especially with eating habits, which are often bad for not eating just what the body needs and what is healthy. Most foods that they accept It is rich in fats and sugars that give the body calories is indispensable, in addition to lack of movement and lack of interest in exercise, weight loss is not only based on the adoption of a diet system, but requires the exercise to achieve the desired result, Article ways exercise Exercise for weight loss.

Sports methods for slimming

Aerobics is an exercise that leads to weight loss. It is a sport practiced with the help of music. It is not without any gym. It is a sport that is suitable for all ages. The most important benefits are aerobic exercise that prevents the body from sagging, burning fat and eliminating obesity.

One of the best types of sports that helps slimming because it works to move all the organs of the body and make the rate of burning high, they sculpt the body and amazingly amazing, and pregnant women can exercise under the supervision of specialists, a sport suitable for those suffering from the problem of arthritis.

 Yoga can be practiced as a sport that increases the rate of burning in the body and thus reduces weight, it eliminates the mind, and provides psychological and physical relaxation, and promote the activity of the body.

Weight lifting
The exercise stimulates the body to lose calories, which can be exercised 30 minutes a day to ensure faster weight loss, but requires full knowledge of the right way to exercise so as not to be followed by injury to the neck or back, and any exercise must be accompanied by the quality of eating Until the desired result has been achieved, as it is necessary to reduce the intake of fats and sugars in addition to drinking plenty of water.

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Intensive sports burn more calories than running and cycling

Scientific research has found that exercising a variety of intense exercise with short breaks may help you lose weight more than running at a steady pace on a treadmill or stationary bike in a gym.

Intensive exercises are better than sports equipment

In this context, doctors advise people who are trying to lose weight by focusing on reducing calories and increasing their physical activity. In contrast, researchers in the British Journal noted that sports medicine is the ideal form of exercise.

In their current research, the researchers looked at data from 41 studies that compared weight loss results after about four weeks, either with sporadic exercise or continuous medium-intensity training programs, such as jogging, biking or walking at a steady pace. The result was a decrease in the weights of men and women participating in studies and their body fat decreased due to these two types of physical activity regardless of weight when starting exercise.

Intermittent exercise increases fat loss

"Weight loss is not just about the number of calories you burn during exercise, but also the reaction of your body during the hours and days after exercise," said Paolo Gentiel, a senior researcher at the Federal University of Guayas, Brazil.

"We found that intermittent exercise increases fat loss and that sprinting exercises may be very effective in this regard," he said in an e-mail.

Intermittent exercise sessions lasted 28 minutes on average, compared with only 18 minutes for intermittent exercise sessions and 38 minutes of moderate continuous exercise.

Exercise programs vary, but the most common are intensive four-minute intermittent exercises with three-minute rest periods.

What is the best weight loss sport?

Sport is an effective weapon for weight loss, and it is the most appropriate way to acquire a slim body and maintain sound health, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

"People do not always know the difference between weight loss and loss of muscle," said Vanessa Ghosoub, a nutritionist and sports trainer at Svelte Clinic. "The choice of type of sport affects the person." "If a person has a weak muscle mass and tries to lose weight, he or she can not resort to cardio, but those who want to load many weights and use body building will not be able to lose fat. But if you want to lose weight, you do not have to exercise, "he said." If someone tries to lose weight and then loads, he will not be able to lose extra weight because the weight increases the amount of muscle in his body. " The cardio is divided into two parts: Cardio, which increases the speed of heart rate and power movements, explaining that cardio helps burn fat by walking fast, using Treadmill, swimming, electric sports machines, Zumba and aerobics. All these sports contribute to raising heart rate and burning fat. The movements of strength lies in physical movements that increase the proportion of muscle and improve the body shape and enable the loss of fat. The metabolism strengthens through the muscle, and in this way we can know the most appropriate for us. Athletic coaches at sports clubs often know what club visitors need. "The problem is that these people are not specialized in food, so a dietitian needs to be consulted to help more closely coordinate food and sports," she said. "It takes three hours a week, about half an hour a day, Can be divided into 3 times, an average of 10 minutes each time. According to the latest studies it is necessary to start the movements of force and then move to the Treadmill, not vice versa. "After three hours of exercise, the body begins to burn if it is not eaten," she said, adding that after exercising, drink a glass of milk or milk or eat a meal full of routine to avoid eating the same muscle.

You should not stop exercising

For his part, coach George Assaf said in an interview with "Al-Nahar" that "the best sports for weight loss are walking, running, swimming, especially for those with problems in the joints and back. A person loses weight by exercising from 4 to 5 times a week, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. " "It's better to use the treadmill with power movements, cycling with a quick walk, or swimming with the treadmill, every time he wants, and the body starts changing after 6 weeks to two months where he feels a basic difference, but if these changes are delayed, And to stop practicing sports, but it is necessary to continue and control will highlight change. "
When asked about what is best for the body, the cardio or the strength movements, Assaf answers "neither cardio alone nor power movements alone, but both because cardio burns calories, while weight training contributes to the growth of muscle, The more fat the body loses. " "Sports in the morning contribute to burning fat more than after eating, the body during the night has burned calories, and the use of cardio from 13 to 16 minutes helps to lose fat, so the best is to start the protection from 4 to 5 Minutes, then move to the cardio, giving the body the energy it needs to be able to do the power movements. "

Sport is an effective weapon

"The best sports that help weight loss are: squash, skiing, running and swimming, because they offer access to the highest calorie burning rates," the German health and nutrition website Ferwendin Wil Feit said in a study published in August. . "Squash for a quarter of an hour helps burn up to 300 calories for a person who weighs about 95 kilograms and an average of 190 calories for about 60 kilograms," the website said.

Swimming is the first among water sports to help lose weight. The average calories burned during a quarter-hour exercise range from 145 to 230 calories. Swimming is also a good alternative for people who want to lose weight, who suffer from health problems such as joint pain that prevents them from exercising other sports.

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The nose stopper is the newest way to lose weight

Lose weight
Weight gain is a concern for many. Everyone is obsessed with finding the latest weight loss methods, including surgery, diets and diets, as well as other methods such as balloon, nose stopper and many ways, but concerns remain about the risks of any of these methods. In the elimination of those fats stored in the body a nightmare accompanied by heavy weights, so we preferred to talk about the nose stopper may be Almnjih weight.

Stopper of the nose
The nasal plug is one of the most innovative ways to lose weight without trouble. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about it. This is clearly stated in the Daily Mail. A US study presented the most important findings to an American study on the effectiveness of nasal stoppage and its real importance in reducing the feeling "The obese person has more sensitivity to food smells, which helps stimulate appetite and open it more for more food," the study authors write.

Results of use of nasal stopper
Experiments and studies have confirmed that a group that has been careful to use a nasal seal made of silicone has been able to lose the weight of the weight lost by the owners of diets of various kinds, and known as the plug as "Noz Noz," according to the professor of nutrition and thinness, Dr. Drur The capsule plays a very effective role in preventing food odors from affecting the levels of hormones that lead to the need for food and the feeling of hunger always, and therefore the loss of weight more, and therefore is considered to be one of the best ways to lose weight.

Tips for weight loss without nose stopper
The following are the most important tips that can be followed for weight loss in case of inability to use the nose stopper, including:

A balanced diet to be a lifestyle rather than a diet for a period of time.
Determine the weight to be reached and do not rush to do so.

Patience and patience in following appropriate weight loss diets.
Follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
The need to exercise continuously.
Eat at least 8 glasses of water a day.
Do not follow a harsh or unbalanced diet; this harms the body.
Do not delete any of the meals, keep 3-5 servings daily in moderate amounts.
Snacks need to be taken twice a day.
The meal should contain carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.
Get enough sleep hours.

18 tips when exercising for slimming

Exercising strengthens the muscles of the body in general, or a particular muscle in the body in particular, by burning the fat accumulated in it. The accumulated fat in the body is considered as fuel for the body, which gives it the kinetic energy to exercise, and with a little training and exercise you can do things you could not do You can move your body in a certain way, or you can bend and lift parts of your body in a wonderful way, or perform some kinds of movements that were impossible to do previously.

It is also known that the practice of cardio is one of the best types of mathematics to lose weight in a healthy and safe, but when you exercise sport In order to slim down and lose weight you can take into account some of the important things that we will address in the following article.

Tips When Exercising For Slimming
1 - When waking up, drink a glass of water on the stomach before eating half an hour

2 - I take care to eat breakfast in full to be able to exercise

3. Do not drink any liquids during meals.

4 - Reduce the carbohydrates in your food and limited to eat once or twice a week at most because of the harmful effect on the accumulation and storage of fat.

5 - Eat very slowly with chewing, because it is known to nutritionists on the mind that gives a signal fullness of the cells of satiety in the brain after a quarter of an hour from the start of food.

6. Sleep for at least 8 hours.

7 - follow a diet or diet specific to lose weight.

8. Divide your main meals into a few low-calorie snacks.

9 - Increase the duration of exercise gradually until the day to get enough time to work exercises.

10 - Keep away from smoking.

11 - Distancing completely from drinking alcohol.

12 - to stay away from drink drinking sugar.

13 - Distancing completely from fatty foods.

14 - between meals between at least two hours between each meal to increase the rate of burning.

15 - Try to breathe normally during exercise.

Divide your food with 50% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 10% fat.

You can exercise five days a week with two days a week, for example Friday and Wednesday.

18 - The best mathematics for weight loss and slimming are cardio exercises, which means the work of some light exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, walking, running, jogging, and others.

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The new Nissan Maxima has been upgraded to become more attractive

The eighth generation of the Nissan Maxima was launched in 2015, before the big sedans get a new update last year to become more sporty and modern than inside and out. The latest Maxima 2019 includes a new front grille, new front and rear LEDs, SR with a luggage compartment lid, along with some interior updates including alcantara leather trim and sports seats.

The various categories come with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 300 hp and 354 Nm torque.

The Maxima offers outstanding performance on highways, especially during the operation of the adaptive cruisedriver, which provides a chain driving experience, as well as a large number of advanced security systems.

Ford unveils the new Escape 2020 with new features

Ford has unveiled its latest all-new Escape 2020 Crossover, promises to be safer, more intelligent and more versatile than any previous model, and will be available with hybrid engines alongside petrol engines for those who want higher efficiency and lower emissions than their cars.

The new Escape has a range of more than 885 km for the standard hybrid version of the front-wheel drive, which is lower with wider and longer than the current model, with a weight loss of 90 kg to improve its performance.

The exterior design features a six-phase Mustang-inspired ventilation system, while the car is powered by a new 2.0-liter, 250 hp and 372 Newton-meter engine, allowing acceleration to 96 km per hour 10% less than The former model, and it can pull 1,587 kilograms.

The car is also available with another 1.5 liter turbo engine with 3 cylinders of 180 hp and a 240 nm torque with a capacity of 907 kg. The hybrid power generator comes with a 2.5 liter engine and a total strength of 198 horsepower, with a maximum speed of 136 km per hour when power is only turned on.

Ford noted that the new rear seat passengers in the new Escape have a wider foot-moving than the full-size Chevrolet Sabrian.

Specifications Skoda Skala 2019 hatchback

The Czech brand Skoda is preparing to conquer new markets in 2019, and by mid-year, the European brand will be enjoying the latest models, and we will be sending you the latest Skoda Scala in the mid-size segment.

Scuda Scala comes with two engines, the first with a 1.0-liter turbocharged turbocharger that generates 95 horsepower, the second with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder and 150 hp.

These engines are connected to a manual 6-speed, 7-speed automatic transmission and DSG. The exterior design has a length of 4.36 meters, a wheelbase of 2.65 meters and luggage compartment capacity can increase from 476 to 1410 liters thanks to the wheelbase.

The interior was equipped with a large 9.2-inch screen with touch technology and support for all smart phone systems. Skoda did not forget the important safety touch of the new Scala models, adding a good range of security and safety measures such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and blind spot warning systems.

New pickups from Hyundai bearing the name of medieval armor

South Korean Hyundai has recently filed a new name registration application with the New Zealand Trademark Office, Bayves, a medieval shield used by archers during the siege, which makes it suitable for off-road vehicles because it strikes the ear beautifully.

A number of reports have suggested that Hyundai may abandon the name of Santa Cruz, which it used for its optional home inspection, when its production version was unveiled in order to bring the name of the carrier, the possibility of launching a completely different model from both of these options, of course, or just to keep it until later .

Specifications of the new Nissan Sunny 2020

Nissan unveiled the new Sunny 2020 at a music festival in southern Florida that looked much more modern and modern in almost every model, with thinner, more circular headlights and more beautiful, sporty wheels.

The new Sunny comes with a standard door-opening system with a button to turn on and close the engine and power windows, including options for seat heating, Apple Carbillay and Android Auto applications.

Nissan has improved its safety systems with the addition of automatic emergency braking, road lane departure warning and high-beam automatic headlights. Options include blind spot monitoring, adaptive steering control and rear hatch warning.

Sunny 2020 has a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder power of 122 hp and a torque of 154 Newton meters.

Get to know Action Star Cars Jason Statham

Many Hollywood stars are known for their passion for classic cars and luxury sports, and some have a fleet of cars. One of them is British British action star Jason Statham, who is known for his passion for strong German cars, especially Audi, who bought three cars.
He bought a number of super sports supercars and helped him make a fortune of over $ 50 million from buying his own fleet of dazzling cars that we'll look at in the next few lines.

1. Audi S8

Statham used this car in his series of successful films The Transporter and therefore loves German cars. The car was his first sport car in 2009, having been suspended since his leadership in his film series, but has made adjustments to its exterior and cabin components.

2. Audi R8

In 2010, he again purchased two versions of the supercharged Audi R8, complementing his passion for German cars, one of which was white with a 4.2-liter 4.2-liter 420 hp engine and a black one with a 5.2-liter 10-cylinder engine and 552 hp.

3. Aston Martin DBS Volanti

He bought the car at the beginning of 2011 at $ 286,000, a super sports car with a 12-cylinder, 6.2-liter, 510-horsepower engine.

4. Lamborghini Murcielago

He bought in 2011 a continuation of his approach to the acquisition of super sports cars, and this car has a 12-cylinder engine 6.5 liters and a power of 631 horsepower.

5. Jaguar E-Type 1963

This classic English car is one of its favorite cars. It comes in red and has a powerful 12 cylinder 5.2 liter engine and 267 horsepower. Despite its output, the top speed is 240 kilometers per hour.

6. Ferrari F12 PerLenta

Statham continued his passion for the purchase of Italian super sports cars. He bought the car in 2015 at $ 379,866, a brilliant silver color and a 12-cylinder, 6.3-liter, 730-horsepower engine.