Friday, January 25, 2019

Benefits of warm-up exercises

The most important benefits of warm-up exercises

Warm-up exercises are simple exercises practiced before basic exercises, and the duration of exercise does not exceed 10 minutes, and the most important benefits of warm-up exercises:

 Control body temperature

 Warming exercises help to increase muscle temperature and this relaxes after relaxing during exercise. Warming also reduces the possibility of injury or muscle tension. It is worth mentioning that the heat increases the flexibility of the muscles, because with increasing blood temperature passing through Muscles, oxygen becomes available to the muscles, increasing their stamina.

 Relaxing the mind

 Warm-up exercises are useful because they help to prepare the athlete mentally, in the sense that they eliminate the brain, increase concentration, and help him to review his skills and exercises in the exercise to be done.

Other benefits of warm-up exercises

 There are other benefits to practicing warm-up exercises.

Enlargement of blood vessels

 This reduces blood flow resistance and reduces the pressure on the heart.

 Stimulate blood circulation.

 Hormone secretion is useful, through warm-up exercises, the body produces some hormones responsible for providing carbohydrates and fatty acids needed to produce energy.
 Expand the area of ​​joint movement in the body.
 Increased heart rate.
Increased respiratory rate.
 Reduce the rate of sweating.

 Tips on Exercise Warm Up Exercises

Warm up before heart exercises:
Before heart exercises, it is advisable to practice some warm-up exercises such as walking or riding a bike at medium speed, where you should start slowly and gradually increase the speed.
 Warm up before strength exercises:
 Before the strength exercises, you should practice a cardio exercise such as walking on the treadmill, jogging, or exercising on a stationary bike at medium speed.

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