Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to become an athlete in 10 minutes a day

Getting a sports body is a big challenge. In fact, getting a slim body requires you to invest some time in exercise. 10 minutes a day will not turn you into a muscle machine, but it will initially help you get a sporty body.

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The first step :
Set reasonable expectations.

Set reasonable expectations.
Not all people can go to the gym regularly, sometimes life requires more work and less time for yourself. 10 minutes a day will not give you the same results as 60 minutes a day regardless of whether you use any magic product. However, you can improve your fitness level if you take advantage of those ten minutes efficiently.
The second step :
A few basic exercises

A few basic exercises
Choose a few basic exercises that you can do well. For example: jumping exercises, pressure exercises and jump rope.
The third step :
I will do my utmost.

I will do my utmost.
Since you will only exercise for 10 minutes a day, take advantage of every second.
The fourth step :
Do not be lazy

Do not be lazy and ignore some exercise
Do not be lazy and ignore some exercise. You can always find 10 minutes to exercise.
Step Five:
Include sport in your schedule and stick to it.

Do not make time constraints an excuse for your chain. You can exercise for 5 minutes at waking and another 5 minutes at bedtime. This will stay better than nothing. You might wonder: "What can I do in 5 minutes?"
• In 10 minutes you can - for example - do 100 pressure exercises, 100 knee lift exercises and 50 jump exercises, which will be much more than the average person does. What's more, your level of physical fitness will improve, and eventually you will become addicted to the desire to exercise because your body will become better and more fit, which in turn will push you to exercise longer, so do not be lazy and stop making excuses.

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