Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to increase the speed of your ran

Speed ​​is an important element for a football player, and the team earns large areas of the field, especially in the counter-attacks, and also in the inter-passes that often come with goals, in this article will give some tips that can contribute to increase your speed in running.

The speed of running depends on the muscles of the feet, especially the muscles of the thighs and leg muscles, so you should practice lifting the weights to increase the size of the muscles, but increasing the size of the muscle alone is not enough, you also have to practice running daily, you can practice running through the devices Jogging is available in most clubs, and the advantage of these devices lies in the ability to control the speed of the device, but at first we recommend you start at low speeds, and then gradually increase speed, so as not to suffer muscle strain.

Respiratory health is very important, you have to stay away from smoking completely, because smoking negatively affects the lungs, and therefore affects your running performance.

Swimming is very important to increase the length of the breath, which is very important, because the body needs more oxygen when running, so you must train yourself to breathe properly until your fitness is complete.

Body weight has a very big impact on the speed of the player. The higher the weight, the less your speed, you have to maintain the ideal weight, and if you have an extra weight, you have to get rid of it through exercise and running.

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