Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to quickly type on the keyboard

Fast typing on your keyboard is now one of the essentials you need. How many times did you want to finish writing something quickly, but your slow clicks prevented you from completing your work in time? If you'd like to learn some tips and secrets to help you write fast, here are some tips that will help you improve your typing skills:

1. Develop an appropriate working environment

The first thing you should do before sitting down and starting to write is to set up a spacious and comfortable working environment. It is always better to put your laptop on the table than on the legs.

2 - the correct state of the body

Be sure to sit straight, with the wrist at the same level as the keyboard, so you can put your fingers properly on the keys. Always make sure to sit at a comfortable height.

3. Put your hands properly

The wrong hand mode is the first common mistake people make when typing on the keyboard. The correct position of the fingers is:

- Place the left index finger on the letter F.

- Place the left center on the letter D.

- Place the left finger on the letter S.

- Place the left pinky on the letter A.

- Place the right index finger on the letter J.

- Place the middle right on the letter K.

- Place the right finger on the letter L.

- Place the right pinkie on the key (: and;).

- Place the thumbs on the spacebar.

4. Practice some simple writing exercises

- Start with the main keys: asdf distance jkl ;.

- Then type the same keys but in uppercase letters: ASDF JKL;

- Now go to the lower keys and type: zxcvbnm.

- Now go to the upper keys and type: qwertyuiop.

- Without looking at the keyboard, type the entire alphabet.

5 - Learn to write without looking at the keyboard

This step may be difficult at first, but typing without looking at the keyboard is the quickest way to write once you master this skill. So, start slowly and try typing words without looking at the keyboard, then gradually increase your speed, and try to stick and stick to this speed even if it is difficult at first.

6. Practice ... practice ... practice

Well, there are no shortcuts to writing, and the more you write on the keyboard, the better the performance and the better and faster.

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