Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Improve your speed through these steps

Those positions that suddenly occur and sometimes unable to respond in time, and regret after that because we did not do what we have to do, it is simply the speed of your intuition, which makes us better to act to go beyond the situation, whatever the impact and surprise, here are solutions and tips to be quick and intuitive.

1. Measure the speed of your intuition

 Here are some of the sites that measure your speed of mindset and stimulate your thinking, most notably the Free Quiz site and the Test Yourself site.

2 - Exercises to increase the speed of intuitive

Experts emphasize that man does not use the entire cells of his mind and abilities, so he must do a number of exercises to stimulate his mind and the realization of most of his cells, and there are famous exercises to increase the speed of intuition because it is a skill can be increased with practice and training, including sitting in a place you liked, Second nonstop.

3. Reading

Reading and reading in various fields activate the brain cells, expand the perception of the mind, help him to form an opinion and vision in various life issues, as the reading develops the language skills of the human being, making him a spokesman for the remaining master of the language and is easy to express his ideas easily.

4 - social mixing

The mixing of human beings around him in different social environments gives him confidence in himself and an inheritance of human experience that gives him the ability to deal with different situations with confidence and steadfastness.

5. Exercise

Sport is important in human life and has many benefits and effective results. It improves the human memory, activates blood circulation and increases the blood flow to the brain, which helps it to work at full capacity. Those who exercise can have a quiet sleep and can sleep deeply at the end of the day.

6. Listen to music

Music Spiritual nourishment and hearing regularly calm nerves, reduce stress and symptoms, making the mind clearer and more capable of thinking, increasing the speed of mindfulness in humans, and being more able to deal with different situations.

7. Meditation

Dedicate 15 minutes of your time to clear your mind and expel all the negative details from it is necessary to develop your mental abilities and increase the speed of your sense of mind, eliminating the mind and closing the eye and not thinking about anything that gives the mind a chance to relax a little bit back to work once again with full efficiency.

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