Thursday, January 24, 2019

Keeping women fit for 30 years protects them from dementia by 90%

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Mid-aged women who maintain fitness may be nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia later in life, according to a recent study.

At the University of Gothenburg, researchers at the University of Gothenburg followed 191 women in their 30s for 44 years, assessing their fitness first and then observing their cognitive health.

The researchers found that women with a high level of fitness are less likely to get the disease, and if they have dementia after a long period compared to their peers who do not exercise.

The researchers said the study was one of the clearest evidence so far that exercise is a protective device for the heart and could be the key to brain health.

"These results are exciting because it is possible to improve the ability of middle-aged people to delay or even prevent them from dementia by exercising," said Dr. Helena Horder of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The researchers added that exercise has many benefits, including improving the health of joints and reduce the appearance of fat and reduced the chances of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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