Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The benefits of the sport have never been heard before

an introduction

 Since technology invaded all corners of our lives, and our life is so fast and endless, many of us have neglected the sport and overlooked its benefits, which are difficult to enumerate in one article. The lack of time and preoccupation are the most common justification for this important activity in our lives. As human beings. Here, in this article, we will address the benefits of sport, which is an essential part of our lives, not a secondary matter. Sports is the only lifeline for many of our health and life problems. It is the new old fortress that has accompanied us since the beginning of our existence On the surface of the earth, which, despite changing times, remains true to us and opens its door wide to the problems we have been overwhelmed by the overuse of technology and the addiction to its use in our time.

 Benefits of sport

 Sports benefits include all aspects of human, they are useful at all levels, have health benefits and physical and psychological benefits, and can not lose sight of the benefits at the intellectual, social and moral levels. It is worth mentioning that all these aspects overlap in their effects so that the improvement in one aspect increases the improvement in other aspects. So we can not physically isolate the benefits of sport from other benefits.

The benefits of sports on the psychological level

1 - Exercise improves the appearance of our bodies and give beauty to them, and increase self-confidence in humans.
2 - Sport is the best weapon we kill the passive leisure time, and we are proud of the boring routine and feel by it fun, excitement and happiness.
3 - This in turn reduces the opportunity to develop various mental diseases, especially depression and other diseases and thus strengthen our immunity against various physical and social diseases.
4- Sport gives us greater ability to control and control stress and tension in our lives.
5 - It helps us to sleep and address insomnia and negative thinking and sedition.

In short, it is our psychiatrist who brings us inner balance and gives us psychological comfort, which is reflected positively on all aspects of our lives.

The benefits of sports at the mental level

1 - Sports activates the mind, and increases the intelligence of all kinds, especially social intelligence, mental intelligence and motor.
2 - It increases the activity of memory and strength; because it increases the activities of the brain positively.
3 - Sports improves the strength of observation and speed of intuitive, and gives the human ability to focus, and reduce the rate of mental distraction significantly.
4 - interest in sports increases the achievement of students, and away from boredom from the curriculum dry, and increases the social and mental development of students, so try to schools to take care of sports activities during school.
5. Not only that, but there are many major companies in developed countries such as Japan asking their employees to do a joint sports activity before and during the work; to increase the capacity and productivity of employees and break the routine that may be bored.

In short, you can not get a sound mind without a healthy body, and you can not get a healthy body only with sport!

The benefits of sports at the social level

1 - Sports increases social intelligence, because it helps you to make friends and strong social relationships with many people, such as competitors and colleagues in the same team and coaches ... Etc.
2 - Sports The person gains great qualities, such as patience, endurance, self-confidence, willpower, perseverance, activity, leadership, values ​​of honest competition, cooperation, planning and altruism.
3 - Sports Learn to respect the laws and rules and regulations; because most sports have laws and rules must be adhered to.
4. It also saves society from very serious pests, such as cigarette smoking, alcohol and drug addiction, immoral crimes resulting from mental illness, and frequent negative vacuum.
5 - Sports positively affect the social relations within the family because most family problems are caused by the concerns of life and pressure, as well as the production of leisure time, especially in times of holidays, and therefore the sports activity strengthens relations within the family, and the most beautiful that encourages the head of the family members to do sport Together with each other so as to increase the bonds of love between them all, and even protect them from the problems of inactivity and perseverance and long sitting in front of the means of modern technology, which brings many of the tragedies of health in the near and long term.

Sport is our best choice

 Dear reader, no matter what we talked about sports can not mention all the benefits in one article, but I can tell you it is like a magic wand that will turn your whole body upside down, and you will feel effective from the first moment, just try to choose your favorite sports that suit your abilities and talents and your age to You can do it better. Become a friend of yours, enjoy and compete with others love, involve your family and friends in your sports activities, smile clearly and let anxiety and thinking aside, whenever you find yourself exhausted and tired of the problems of life, the more sunk in the use of technology and feel upset about it all, Never give up on your money, and you will find it among the best of your friends who will never be robbed by technology and the Internet from you, and you will not drain a lot of money to practice it, if you wish you can now exercise for free as you read this article with some simple tools or tools. If you want, you can make sport a source of material income and get a chance to take the hands of others to practice sports instead of spending on other negative things such as smoking and video games, no hesitation and sports door, it is friendly to all, does not recognize the geographical borders, the social situation and the world And the third world, it is the friend of the poor and rich and big and small and women and men, who gives time gives him the most precious possession of human beings on earth, the health that assigns him to his responsibilities towards his creator and his homeland and his family and work and ultimately towards himself in this world and the Hereafter.

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