Friday, January 25, 2019

The benefits of warm-up before sport

Warm up before sport

 Doctors recommend that you exercise before exercising at any time during the day. It helps to prepare the body to start the exercise. It provides vitality and activity. It helps the blood flow to all members of the body. It also maintains physical fitness. In this article, we will discuss ways to warm up before Sports.

Warm-up before the sport Warm-up All body, muscles, and joints are prepared for exercise by walking, running light, exercising, exercising, jumping and jumping. This type of warm-up also helps shorten the muscles , Especially the posterior hind muscles.

Warm up your

This type of warm-up is necessary before starting the strength and speed training exercises because of the need for these exercises to speed the contraction of the muscles and their expansion, as well as move the joints to the full extent.

Ways to warm up before sport

Walk in place

 We walk in the same place, with a step forward and backward.
We move our arms up and down in harmony with our steps.
We commend our facilities with the relaxation of our knees, and continue to exercise for two minutes.

Push your heels forward

We put our shifting heels forward while the front foot stays high.
We push out with each heel batch.
We keep our supporting leg flexing slightly, and repeat 60 batches of the heel in a minute.

Raise the knees

Stand upright, and lift our knees until each of them touches the hand that opposes them.
We keep the muscles of our stomach tight, and keep our backs straight.
We keep our supporting leg flexing for a short while, and repeat thirty times in half a minute.

Shoulder wrap exercise

We continue to walk where we are.
Roll our shoulders forward and backward five times.
Let our arms move smoothly on both sides, and repeat the exercise twenty times.

Knee Bending Exercise

Stand with the spacing between our feet in the same width as our shoulders and extend our hands forward.
We go down ten centimeters through our knees, then rise, and repeat the exercise ten times.

Benefits of warm-up

 Before exercising, alert all organs of the body to perform their functions.
Muscle gains the flexibility and flexibility you need to do sports.
The amount of blood flowing to the body increases as a result of increased heart rate.
Increase the speed of blood circulation in the body; as a result of regulating the breathing process, increase its speed, and raise the body temperature. Avoid exposure to some sports injuries.
Improves the functioning of the nervous system, and enables it to respond quickly, and raise the level of regulation and motor excellence.
Improves metabolic processes in the body. Stenfer is more prepared for self training and exercise.

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