Friday, January 25, 2019

The fastest way to lose weight

Weight loss

 Beauty is a great blessing from the grace of God to man, and this grace can not be appreciated except by the loss of women, the beauty is divided into two parts: moral: Kghal self and beauty creation, and physical, Kgal face and body. What matters to us here is the material beauty and the beauty of the body, because the beauty of the face is a rabbinic affair and a special blessing that God gives to those who are willing to worship it, such as the sound of the sound, and it can not be acquired. It is a special beauty that is added to the general beauty of human creation and honoring the rest of creatures. Abuse and sabotage can also be taken care of and maintained. Women who really want to succeed in getting fit must take care of food and attention because it is the main reason for the agility of the body, and that the increase in weight and obesity is the main cause of food; treatment is to monitor food and calculate what enters the body of calories


If the woman ate two thousand calories a day burned a thousand and remained with thousands, will meet them at the end of the month thirty thousand turn to fat and fat is not surprising to discover at the end of the month that it has an increase in weight

Calories that women eat daily should be burned up with work, movement and sport so that nothing is left of them, thus avoiding the accumulation of fat and weight gain; so women had to eat calories only what they knew they would burn.


Fitness, beauty and the ideal weight, this is not a luxury; it is one of the basics of success and health that everyone is looking for. We all tried different ways of sports, diets and even alternative medicine. So we did not try a new and fast way to lose weight. Hardship and encouraging results.

Delicious eating feels guilty, but refraining from eating is not the solution. Research suggests that people who follow a low-fat or low-fat diet fail to lose weight, so nutritionists recommend that you start your day with a full meal containing more calories and moderate fats to help your body lose it during the day, to feel less hungry, Some vegetables, a slice of meat, chicken or fish, and no objection to a delicious little piece of chocolates.

Dinner is preferred to some fruits or a warm cup of milk, and a small piece of low-fat cheese to get rid of the annoying feeling hungry in the middle of the night which is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

Diet for those who do not like exercise

This diet is carried out in some medical centers in order to reduce the weight of heart patients who will be subject to a close appointment process, which is very effective; it contains all food items, the goal is to reduce between 4 - 7 kg per week in order to prepare patients for operations, The way to increase the number of foods that burn calories, especially soup helps to burn, and consists of:

Six large green onion balls. Two garlic beans. Two green beans. One or two cans of tomato juice. A large cabbage stuffed. A package of American celery; a plant that looks like parsley; it has green leaf on top, and bottom of its legs Green, like green onions. Add MAGGI cube to sliced ​​vegetables, add pepper, curry and hot sauce, then leave to boil for 45 minutes and then place in refrigerator

Tips to reduce the weights to consider taking into account avoid drinking soft drinks and others. It is recommended to drink water because of the impact on the sense of satiety. You can continue to diet, but with the amendment of quantities, and refrain from eating three hours before sleep, while avoiding soft drinks, and drinking more water that dilutes From the feeling of hunger and clean the body.To be accompanied by weight loss with a body tight and beautiful must be exercise; as there are simple exercises and do not require a lot of time, such as warm-up exercises or aerobic can be done at home from a quarter to half an hour at least three times a week , The e If you are a walking enthusiast, it is a sufficient sport to eliminate the weight and tension that increases the storage of fat in the body.

Some people are looking for magic solutions to lose weight, such as alternative medicine recipes. Many experts and dietitians go to these recipes to study. They found that adding hot spices, turmeric and cinnamon, adding fresh ginger to the salads and soups stimulates the metabolism, increases the ability to burn fat, Greater kinetic energy, it is also important to replace the usual drinks with weight loss drinks such as lemon juice with ginger or cumin, or drenched sage.

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