Friday, January 25, 2019

The right way to exercise

 The importance of exercise

 Sports is indispensable for daily exercise at all times and places. The human body in different age groups needs exercise. It maintains fitness, fitness, burns fat and calories, keeps weight and prevents it from growing. Movement and activity, which positively affects the efficiency of the work of the internal organs, as well as it maintains the health of the skin, and gives them the appearance of young age. People practice many different sports in a variety of ways, but there are grounds to exercise correctly away from the wrong habits that may affect human health, and sports can be practiced at any time, ie not only for the morning time, exercise sports for half an hour a day can maintain human health.

 The right way to exercise

 Body preparation and gradual exercise

 It is advisable before exercising any exercise to create and soften the muscles of the body for physical effort, whatever the nature of sports activity, because it protects the muscles from muscle tension or spasm or rupture as a result of the exercise suddenly, and to avoid that must be gradual in the performance of exercise to avoid fatigue and fatigue before Exercise is the main exercise, so it is recommended to perform simple exercises for ten minutes, and then progress in the performance of the main sports activity.

 Attention to diet

 Food is the main source of body energy, so it is best to eat before exercise two hours, it is wrong to exercise when the stomach is full, and one of the most important foods to be addressed are those that are high in carbohydrates, such as: fruits, milk products, and away from foods containing On the high fat; because it causes fatigue and fatigue, the body does not digest quickly during exercise, and advised to eat snacks after exercise half an hour; because the body digest food well, and able to absorb food and compensate for what he lost during physical activity, Hot Hrobat after exercise, stay away from cold drinks.

Outdoor exercise

 Outdoor sports and sunny places are considered to be the most appropriate places and ways to enhance the body's efficiency after the completion of the sport. Indoor sports are considered to be a negative effect on the activity of the body after the completion of the sport. Open spaces also reduce the body's appetite for food. As opposed to indoor sports that increase the body's desire to eat.

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