Thursday, January 24, 2019

To get rid of the fat and the crunch .. Practice these types of sports

Do you exercise? .. Yes .. Do you have fitness? .. No .. A problem where many who believe that exercise is the main reason to get physical fitness, without knowing that there are some types of sports that cause it.

Dr. Mohamed Helmy, consultant of obesity, thinness and physical therapy, offers some types of sports that contribute to the body's physical fitness and flexibility, including:

- The practice of karate, a very important trick to get a body fit, and it is a sport that limits the accumulation of fat, and also works to tighten the body and get rid of the rumen.

- If your children are male, you should teach them "football", because it helps them to move often leads to the activation of blood circulation in the body and fat dissolving.

- Dance in all its forms and types, dance moves all members and muscles of the gym, so it is very important to get the fitness of the body strong.

- Ride the bike and move it out, from the very basic sports to get a strong fitness.

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