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Tourism in Jordan

 - When we speak about tourism in the Middle East you think about Morocco, Egypt, and UAE-Dubai in particular, but when we think about Jordan we know Petra at best case but what we don’t know that there is much more beyond that and in this article we’ll come to 5 places you should visit besides Petra, and also the Elements of tourism in Jordan that will make you get more excited about getting there and have fun and much more.
About Jordan and its people:                                                  Jordan. The jewel of the Middle East. Surrounded by chaos and unrest, Jordan has remained a neutral destination and it is difficult to imagine the conflict that is happening outside its borders.
But travel to Jordan feels no more insecure than anywhere else in the world these days and once you enter the country, you'll feel the welcoming friendliness of locals, The best time of the year to travel to Jordan for tourism is in the spring, the months between March to May Where the temperatures are mild and the weather is suitable for tours. The best enough time to visit the most tourist places is a couple of weeks. Tourism in Jordan is a diverse tourism mix of history and originality with modernity along with nature from the desert to the charm of beaches in the bay of Aqaba. Jordan is hiding a lot for visitors to discover, so will you make Jordan your next destination? We’ll help you to know 5 place in Jordan between history and ancient and modernity in this article.
1- Petra: 

Who doesn’t know
the most one of the great ancient cities of the world, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Petra is one of those places that lives up to the hype. With momentous buildings built into high cliffs, Petra will literally take your breath away as you step into the Treasury square after your 2km walk through the deep narrow gorge of the Siq, Dating back more than 2000 years. This legendary setting is so beautiful; Hollywood has since come a-knockin' using Petra for filming locations in movies such as Transformers and Indian Jones.
Petra at night is simply amazing!!!

2- Amman : 

Amman is the capital of Jordan and it is also the largest city, the cultural hub and the center for trade. Amman is a great place to feel the beating pulse of Arabia, and get a sense of the deep histories and cultural strands that inform Jordan as a whole. Head to the warren of streets that weave and wind through the hectic center of the capital to see the mosaic of frenetic souks and echoing mosque minarets that make up the famous area of Balad. Or go to Abdali, where leafy boulevards give way to chic cafes and high-street boutiques.
Boulevard Al-Abdali

3- Aqaba :

Aqaba or the bay that is in Aqaba is the most famous and incredible thing in this beautiful city which is at the country’s very south, this modern harbor city enjoys a remarkable and strategic coastal location overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba and enclosed by a line of desert hills. The Berenice Beach Club is located in the Marine Park in the southern shore of the city of Aqaba, south of Jordan. It is one of the most important tourist places in Aqaba. The beach stretches about 500 meters from the coast of Aqaba and is characterized by its spectacular coral reefs. It is the only one of its kind that offers a variety of recreational activities within an area designed to suit all tastes and desires.

4- Jerash : 
Some 50km north of the capital Amman, Jerash is home to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Gerasa. Surrounded by green mountains and valleys, these ruins are some of the best preserved among the region’s collection of Ten Roman Cities. Jerash is the most well-preserved ancient Roman city outside of Italy. Jerash dates back 6500 years and was an important city on Rome's ancient trade route. Jerash is one of the best tourist destinations in Jordan, which comes second after Petra and holds an international festival known as Jerash Festival.

5- Wadi Rum :   
 Wadi Rum is an incredible desert valley filled with narrow gorges, towering cliffs and natural stone arches. It's home of the Bedouins where the human race has inhabited this land for nearly 12,000 years. T.E. Lawrence began his journey through the Arabian desert here. Lawrence of Arabia is so linked to Wadi Rum, that the beautiful rock formation known as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom was named after his autobiography. Take a jeep tour deep into the desert and make sure to ride a camel living out your own Lawrence of Arabia fantasies!!

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