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Tourism in Norway:

- Norway, and who of us who don’t know Norway the country that is full of the most beautiful landscapes in different seasons of the year in addition to the semi-permanent snow in of its regions. And many of waterfalls that you can even see 10 waterfalls in one place!! That’s just amazing. The green natural mountains and the water straits that take a big part of this beautiful country!! With all that elements who does not want to travel to that wonderful country and have such fun and amazed by these structures. We can say without a doubt that Norway is one of the best destinations in Europe for tourism that you should visit.
So in this article we will show you the best tourist places that you shouldn’t miss if you go there.

About Norway and its location on the map 
Norway is located in the north of the European continent and neighboring Finland, Russia and Denmark with a population of about 5 million people and is always known as the best country in the world in terms of living. The best way to travel in Norway is trains because of its wide mountainous nature. Being well-known for its good living, many migrate to Norway and live there.

It is the third largest city in Norway, and Trondheim was the capital during Viking bases. The historical past of this city is rich since the Middle Ages; it is already one of the most visited and attractive tourist cities in Norway.


One of the beautiful tourist towns in Norway, Bergen city is the second largest city in Norway and is located in the west and was the capital of Norway between the 12th - 13th centuries. It’s surrounded by lots of natural places and beautiful bays.
And in this city there is the Historic Hanseatic Area which is one of the most famous tourist areas in Bergen, was listed on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List in the year 1979. 

And if you want to shop and walk like a citizen of Norway there is nothing like Bergen’s Downtown, tourists visiting Norway can reach Bergen city center on foot without having to ride any kind of car or transport. There are many restaurants and cafés in the city center.

The city center of Bergen has some of the best shops that offer tourists a successful shopping opportunity and purchase of all the ingredients with a wonderful aquarium that is one of the best aquariums in the world.

If you are in Oslo, you are lucky to be able to visit nearby tourist attractions only. Other tourist cities are located in western Norway, which takes about 6 hours to reach. Oslo is famous for its famous cafes and many prefer to visit it when traveling to Norway. The 1000-year-old Norwegian capital sits at the head of Oslo Fjord. This stunning setting gives hints of the wild wonders that lie just beyond the city. From taking in visual delights at Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum and Holmenkollen, to the challenging content within the new Nobel Peace Centre and the Holocaust Center.

The waterfall of the seven sisters

While traveling to Norway and tourism there you can either book a boat, a ship or a cruise to the seven picturesque Seven Falls. Visiting this place is something that you should never miss. It is an experience that will surely surprise you.

Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)
Rated as one of the world’s natural wonders, and the most breathtaking viewing platform, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is a must-see attraction for visitors to Norway. Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) Located near Stavanger, the destination requires ferry and bus rides and then a two-hour uphill hike to reach the almost perfectly flat-topped cliff, which looks over Lysefjord, more than 600 meters above the water. The hiking season lasts from May to October. Those visiting the Stavanger area will also want to stop by the surprisingly fascinating Norwegian Canning Museum, which is set up as the cannery was during WWII.

Stavanger and Ryfylke offer endless opportunities for adventure. A few ideas for an active holiday are canoeing, kayaking, fishing, salmon safari, kiting, climbing, ZIP line, rappelling, SUP, boating, skiing, cycling, hiking or extreme sports like base jumping or paragliding. 

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