Thursday, January 24, 2019

Zachar success lettuce answer a total .. Chinese University is stimulating students to increase grades to lose weight

North China's Tianjin University offers a weight-loss course to encourage students to enjoy physical fitness and lose weight with academic incentives, such as increased grades or extra prizes, including in-kind gifts such as bicycles and swimming tickets if they lose the weight.

According to the China Daily, 107 students applied for 20 students as the first group to participate in the 21-day weight-loss course, which is open to students whose body mass index is higher than 26.

For his part, Jin Xiu, a member of the training team, said that the course provides many exercises designed to both physical and mental health and improve the ability of students to endurance and speed and proficiency, such as yoga and kickboxing "Boxing," adding, "I will not simply distribute grades based on the number "The training process is more important than the grades."

This is not the first time Chinese universities have offered weight-loss courses to fight obesity. Nanjing University of Agriculture has launched such courses.

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