Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A magic drink that saves you from white hair without dyes

Keep healthy hair strong and shiny without the dream of all women and men, especially with age and the emergence of symptoms of aging, which can be easily achieved only depending on the consumption of one type of drinks, which showed studies superiority in the elimination of white hair completely.

"The appearance of hair in hair is caused by the lack of specific nutrients, vitamins and natural acids, as well as other factors such as scalp weakness, inability to pores and other healthy breathing," says Dr. Yusri al-Badawi, a herbalist and founding member of the Syndicate of Complementary Medicine. More specifically, the yeast drink is more effective in treating all causes and causes of white hair, according to Vito.

Al-Badawi added that the yeast drink is the only one able to get rid of the white hair very well and reproduce the hair naturally with striking aesthetic images in a fast time, to contain the yeast on the elements of hair strength and to compensate for the deficiency causing the appearance of gray, such as vitamin B and Bantothenic acids, Barium amino benzoic) next to iron, copper, calcium, vitamins and other minerals in which the white hair disappears and returns to its natural color, according to the statement.

Al-Badawi advises the elderly and young people suffering from the appearance of white hair to drink a yeast drink daily until the results are discovered by placing a piece of yeast in a glass of water and drinking the drink in the morning or eating ready-made yeast tablets in pharmacies before half-hour meals. Obesity.

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