Thursday, February 28, 2019

About Dog Tibetan Mastiff

The rise of the Tibetan Mastiff is due to the Tibetan Plateau, the world's harshest, since it is the highest altitude of the sea, with an average elevation of 4,900 meters above sea level. The highest altitude is 8,888 meters, which is the peak of Everest. Which inhabit this region is the hardest and most powerful and tolerant, including the Mastiff dog attributed to the Tibet region.

 General information about the Tibetan Mastiff
The Mastiff is sometimes called dog lion because of thick hair around his head similar to that of a lion.
The breed of Mastiff dog is one of the oldest breeds, where it is believed to be the first appearance of about 58 thousand years and is the earliest breeds of gray wolves after the Haski strain.
The Mastiv was used to graze and protect the sheep from all predators including wolves, leopards, even tigers and bears. This dog is thought to be able to kill the tiger easily.
One of his most prominent qualities is that he is loyal to his owner and can sacrifice himself in a better state of danger approaching both his owner and his wounds.
The Mastiff adapted to the activity during the night more than the day, because of the way he was raised by Tibetans.
Tibetan shepherds often document dogs during the day and release them during the night for guard, whether predators or thieves.
This dog has great power and amazing abilities so it must be well trained to obey to control it, in order to avoid any damage it can cause to others.
This dog is known for its extreme hostility to strangers, whether guests or thieves, where it can not distinguish it, and here shows the importance of obedience training in order to control it.
If you want to raise a Mastiff, it is not recommended to keep it in the apartments and preferably have a private yard near the house.
One of the reasons why a dog is not suitable for indoctrination is its long, thick hair, which absorbs smells quickly and keeps them for long periods of time. This can cause discomfort to the owner.
Description of the appearance of the Tibetan Mastiff
The maximum dog height from the highest point on the back to the ground is approximately 83 centimeters.
Its weight ranges between 45 - 75 kg depending on the size and health of the dog.
The Mastiff has several types of colors, but most of them range from black to brown, golden and red, and there are some mutations in which the dog is either completely black or completely golden.
Note: The Mastiff is not fully white but is confused between white and light golden color.

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