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Amazing facts about animals

the animals
Animals have amazing properties and abilities that are superior to human abilities so that they can adapt and stay in their different environments. Here are some amazing facts about some animals:
Is one of the largest birds on earth and can not fly because of its weight, ranging in weight between 65-170 kg by age, sex and class, the continents of Africa and Asia are the home of the original bird.
The ostrich has two strong legs that end with two toes on each foot, unlike the rest of the birds with four fingers per foot. Its legs can run at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour, and the most important characteristic of ostriches is that the male is able to roar like a lion.
Is the largest mammalian animals and there are about 90 varieties, the largest of which is the red kangaroo and the smallest kangaroo rat, kangaroo is found mainly in the continent of Australia and can adapt to several climates.
Kangaroo has the ability to distinguish it from the rest of the animals and jump a relatively large distance, it can cut five meters during the jump and at a height of up to two meters, has gained kangaroo this ability because it has a strong tail that can balance during the jump, and it is worth mentioning that if the tail was cut, Unable to jump.
the elephant
Is the largest animal on land and there are two types of the first Asian and spread in the countries of East Asia and the second largest African spread in various regions of sub-Saharan Africa, and it is worth mentioning that elephants are the only remaining species of Khartoum.
Elephants need large quantities of water so they have the ability to smell the water and the vast distances of up to 19 km, Elephants were characterized by most of the animals subjected to menopause, like humans and humpback whales.
Is a generic name for a group of marine organisms, often with a gelatic body within a shell and varying in size according to their class and class. The oyster name is associated with pearls where there is a specific type that can produce pearls under certain conditions.
The oyster is the most common species of oysters, since oysters change their sex after reaching the year. At the beginning of their lives, they are male and then in the second year they turn into females. There is also a type of oyster called European oysters. .
the giraffe
Is a unique species of mammals, living mainly in Africa, the longest onshore. The giraffe is a ruminant, the one that returns food from its stomach to its mouth to chew it again.
The giraffe's most prominent characteristic is its long neck but does not contain vocal cords like the rest of the animals. The giraffe also has a long tongue of about half a meter of blue color that helps it to eat leaves and fruits.
Is a wide variety of rodents, most of which inhabit trees and are distributed on all continents, but African squirrels are different from other species.
Squirrels feed mainly on oak, nuts and fruit, and there are varieties that eat eggs and bird chicks. Because of the behavior of food squirrels based on storage of hazelnuts, oak has grown a lot of dense forests.
humpback whale
Is a medium-sized whale with a range of 10-12 meters and is present in all seas and oceans but favors deep waters near the coast.
Whales generally communicate through sound waves, but male humpback whales are characterized by their ability to produce very high and diverse sounds that can not be produced by any animal.
Is one of the smallest species of birds and there are about 300 species, most of which are distributed between America and Europe, the length of the smallest bird buzzer for five centimeters while weighing no more than a gram and a half.
The hummingbird gets its name from the sound of a fast moving wing. This is its advantage from the rest of the birds. It can move wings 80 times a second and can increase during the mating season to 200 times per second. backwards.
the Frog
Is one of the distinctive amphibian animals, which has gills like fish can breathe underwater. There are many types of frogs spread all over the world and have varying sizes and it is worth mentioning that some of these species Sam.
One of the features of the frogs is that it has prominent eyes on the level of the face that enables it to see in all directions at the same time.
The shark is one of the oldest predatory fish, with a presence of about 450 million years, but most species that have lived in ancient times have become extinct.
The shark has a predatory predator, a skilled predator that can be exposed to humans, but it is often preferred to prey on men more than women. The researchers found that the shark devoured one woman for 13 men.

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