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Basic Information About animal yak

Animal yak
The yak is a wild mammal living in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. Yak belongs to the bovine family but is distinguished from cows with long black hair as well as a layer of black or brown hair under it, so the yak can tolerate low temperatures Up to 40 under zero, yak often live within the herd, which may exceed 100. The herds often consist of a large number of females and young adults with a few adult males. This article will discuss the most important information about yak, its form, nutrition and reproduction.

Animal form of yak
Yak is raised to obtain milk, meat and fur in abundance as well as weight bearing, and yak of the mammals that live in the tops of the mountains unlike most other mammals, and despite the affiliation of the yak to the same family of cattle, but it has many special characteristics in the form, Yak as follows:

His body structure is strong and his bones solid, and are used after his death in making sculptures.
His body covers long black hair and thick.
It has two hard horns of 80 cm in males and 50 cm in females, and is mainly used for smashing snow in search of plants.
The length of the yak is two meters and its weight is 800 kg.
The back of her back has a hump and is more pronounced in males.
For yak more than one stomach is used to get food stored.
The yak lung is three times as efficient as the lungs of other cattle, since it lives on high mountain heights and its high weight.
Reproduction of yak
In June of each year, the female yak is separated from the group and gives birth to one calf. The pregnancy is about nine months, and within ten minutes of the calf the calf becomes able to walk and the new calf returns to the herd. The mother continues to care for her baby until the year , And then he can rely on himself and is exempt from breastfeeding and give birth to another calf and so on, and at the age of 3-4 years becomes Yak adult and able to mating, and in the case of food abundance will be born female every year and if not available will be born every two years once, Yak twenty years.

Yak animal food
Like other types of cattle, yak is a herbaceous animal that feeds mainly on green grasses and flowers. In order to obtain food, it spends most of its time in the grassy plains on the mountains. Yak uses horns to break the snow in search of food and depends on water for ice. .

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