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Basic Information About sea dog

Marine organisms
Recently, interest in studying and research on the world of marine organisms, which includes diverse forms and varieties that are difficult to enumerate or categorize their life styles and their varied and varied characteristics, has increased significantly due to the different functions and methods of mating and reproduction of each species. The majority of these marine animals benefit from their food and medical treatments The most important types of marine organisms are fish, whales, otters, dolphins, seals or seals. In this article, information about the dogfish will be mentioned.

Basic Information About sea dog
The sea dog is one of the most beautiful marine mammals in the deep sea and plays an important role in achieving order and balance in the marine environment. It is also one of the most intelligent animals that has contributed to its use in most circus shows.

The sea dog is called several names, including sea lion, sea calf, otter or seals.
His platoon includes 16 species, ranging in length from 2.2 m to 3.5 m, and its weight is between 70 kg and 1000 kg. Overfishing by humans has caused him to be included in the list of threatened marine animals.
This animal is classified within the carnivorous mammals belonging to the female family
It is suitable for living close to the shores and coasts of the northern hemisphere, and is very common in the continent of South America.
His food depends on tuna, salmon, small sharks, sea birds, turtles, ship debris, mice, small rabbits and frogs, and he can jump quickly and lightly up and down as he hunts for his fry.
One of the most delicious meat is the oxra dolphins, sharks, cod and red hake.
The sea dog becomes very aggressive during its mating season, a semi-aquatic animal characterized by its ability to swim fast in the sea to reach a speed of 50 to 50 miles, and at night after eating while spending the day in the deep sea to sleep on the sand of the beach.
Description of the sea dog's body
The sea dog is one of the most popular social marine animals in the world, which coexist with each other in the form of large groups. It also has the ability to hide and stay under water for four minutes when it senses any danger of snorkeling, running away and reappearing after a distance of about one kilometer, The most important qualities of the following:

His long body covers a thick brown fur that prevents penetration of water into the body. He has a tall, strong, thick, flat tail that helps him to swim, jump and twist quickly on both sides. He also has strong muscles in the chest and front fins.
A male can mate with more than one female, where the length of her pregnancy is one-and-a-half years old. She is placed from three to six in a stone or a nest lined with cane or grass, where the mother takes care of and warms her young while the father protects her. the food.
His head is flattened, his eyes and ears are small and he has short lists and legs that are tangled with fabric.
He can close and close his grottoes while he is underwater and dive to depths of up to twenty meters.
Its average life span from 10 years to 75 years.

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