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Cats hair loss treatment

Cats are nice animals inhabited by humans since ancient times. They belong to the family of nymphs, which includes many types of animals. Cats are known for many different sizes and shapes. They vary in color. Their fur varies from white, blond, black, gray, brown, It is worth mentioning that cats have been raised a lot in homes, as it is noted that educators suffer many of the problems of disease, and among the problems that affect her hair loss frequently, and this is a common problem Controversy We will give you the best ways to treat hair loss cats in this article.

Cats hair loss treatment
Cats hair loss can be treated as follows:

There are many reasons for hair loss, including the diet that follows them or the cat is infected with an organic disease, or the difference in the atmosphere and the environment change suddenly for the cat, such as moving from hot to cold.
There are no final solutions to getting rid of the problem of hair loss, but you can reduce the proportion of hair falling from them.
The treatment is followed by several steps, first using a cat hair comb, which works to control the amount of hair falling, as combing the hair of the cat for 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour every three days, document the relationship between cat and educator, making the cat's psyche comfortable and reduce the fall Very hair.
Another way is to use a vacuum cleaner to pull excess hair out of the cat's fur. You can also use a regular broom, and there is no need for a loud sound for the broom so that the cat does not get scared.
The third method is to wash the hair of the cat, as the cat and wash his hair once a month helps to reduce hair loss, and because cats generally hate to touch the water, the washing process filled a pot with warm water, and then wash the cat with the use of shampoo with natural ingredients .
When washing your cat's hair, you should avoid washing his face, ears or eyes. He should dry his hair immediately after taking it out of the water with a special towel or using an electric dryer at a very light temperature.
Other ways to reduce the hair loss of the cat is to cut his hair a bit, or at least dilute it in a systematic manner, and can use a special expert so as not to distort the appearance of the hair of the cat, with the need to refrain from cutting cat hair in times of cold and rain, It must be cut only in the summer.

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