Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Coriander and honey home remedy to lower cholesterol in the body

If you are a person who follows an unhealthy and often greasy diet, especially high-fat foods, your cholesterol levels may increase, which is harmful and leads to many diseases.
According to a medical study at the site "Bold Sky" that the human body needs a certain amount of cholesterol in the body, but when it accumulates in the blood vessels, it can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity, stroke, paralysis and high blood pressure.
When the level of cholesterol in the body rises, a blockage occurs in the arteries blocking the flow of blood to the body's organs which causes tissue damage to it. If you want to lower your cholesterol naturally follow this home remedy.

Required components:

Coriander - كوب cup
Honey - 1 tsp

How to prepare:

Add the coriander leaves in the blender with some water and grind it well, add a quantity of honey to the coriander mixture and mix these ingredients well, and eat the mixture once every morning after breakfast for at least two months.

It has been shown that this home remedy lowers cholesterol very well, when you eat it regularly as well as exercise regularly and stay away from fatty foods.

Coriander is rich in fiber, contains vitamin C and reduces excess cholesterol in the blood vessels. Honey is also an antioxidant and lowers cholesterol levels by normal blood purification.

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