Sunday, February 24, 2019

Crinkled Chicks with Corn Flex

Crinkled Chicks with Corn Flex
Bring all that your children love and prefer
Eat it from the markets
Great and delicious way too like it
Kantaki ready-made, and its feet with the authorities
Bread, ketchup or mayonnaise ..
With crispy potato fingers

1 pieces of 8 pieces
Half cup flour
Cup with crushed raspberries
2 Instant Chicken Soup
4 tablespoons ketchup
3 eggs
Corn Crushed Crater (Fatafeet)
black pepper
Red pepper is hot according to his desire
Oil for convection

How to prepare :
To make chicks, the chickens are cooked by the regular way, then take them out of the soup and mix them with the skin, then stir them with ketchup, and with red pepper, if you love, then mix the flour with the crisps with the instant soup and cut the chicks with this mixture.
Beat the eggs with black pepper and salt, then chop the chicks with eggs and remove the chicks from the eggs. Bring the bag inside the crushed corn flakes, then cut the pieces after cutting them and cover them from outside the bag until the cornex flaps in the chicks and then heat them in the oil until the color is golden and its texture is very crispy.
And the feet of crunchy chicks
Health and God ,,,

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