Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dog Diseases

All animal bodies are similar in terms of major functions and responsiveness to pathogens, and some similarities can be found in human and animal pathogens. In the case of dog diseases, which are almost identical to the causes of human skin diseases, Immunity and parasites are the leading causes of skin diseases for dogs, and it is worth mentioning that the genetic factor also has a role in this matter.

Genetic Dog Diseases
Inflammation of the skin

Is a chronic disease that can be associated with some external influences and appear as a result of irritation of the skin as a reaction to these effects.
This disease is classified as an allergic disease related to the immune system disorder.
Symptoms of this disease, which is excessive itching in the facial area at an early age in the puppies, starting to appear since the third month.
The most common allergens are dust, grass and pollen, and some types of foods can trigger this feeling.
Treatment of this disease includes keeping the dog away from all allergens and giving it anti-allergens as prescribed by the veterinarian.
Dog - related diseases of the dog
The most common diseases that can be infected dogs is wet dermatitis, which is as follows:

Dogs suffer from this disease because of the continuous licking of a specific area of ​​her body or even bite part of her body because of the presence of parasites.
This condition leads to inflammation of the wet area quickly and sharply, resulting in damage to the skin and the fall of fur.
This disease can not be treated with oral or topical treatments as described by the veterinarian.
Bacterial skin diseases

Scabies is one of the most common diseases among animals, including dogs, and there are several bacteria that cause this disease.
It is worth mentioning that this disease may not be contagious according to the causative, and the only way to treat it through antibiotics.

This disease is a disease that affects animals and humans and caused by one of the fungi and appears in the form of red rings on the skin.
Note: This disease spreads among puppies more than its spread among adult dogs.
Parasitic diseases

There are many parasites that can invade the skin and fur of dogs and cause skin problems, but most of these diseases can be controlled and treated easily.
Among the most prominent parasites that invade dog fur are dog lice, fleas and ticks.

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