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Facts about the hyena

wild animals
Wild animals are an important part of the animal kingdom and vary greatly in their lifestyle, food type, shape and size. Wild animals include herbivores, predators and others. Predators include the hyena, Of animals frightening for humans, and in this article will be mentioned information about the hyena.

Basic Information About animal hyena
The hyena is one of the wild predatory animals. It belongs to the division of choruses, which is a mammal that multiples by giving birth and infancy its young, and its upper level and gums and species of hyenas. It also belongs to the figs of the shape. The hyena is known to eat the carcass and the remains of other animals. , For this belongs to what is known as garbage animals, and yet it can catch skill, and the most important information related to what follows:

He has a very strong jaw that can grind the bones under his teeth, and he has thick teeth, large salivary glands and strong forearms.
He has a large head, a full body and a thick neck. His front legs are higher than the background, which is why his body is tilted, his back is convex, and he has four fingers on each foot.
His body covers fur with long coarse hair, and the color of the hair is dark.
He is a night animal with an ugly, annoying sound. His voice is called "howling." Sometimes he makes sounds like laughter or screaming, and he is hungry for food and smells foul.
He lives in many areas, and his native country is Africa, India and the Arab world, as well as India.
He likes to live in open farmland as well as in rocky areas.
Comes second in eating meat after the African Lion.
He is a smart animal. He is also a social animal living in groups called "packs".
Females are more likely than males to have larger muscles and are more aggressive than males.
He has a strong sense of vision and a strong sense of hearing, and he can run long distances without feeling tired.
Types of hyena
There are many types of hyena, which are four types. These species share behavioral traits as they are nocturnal creatures. They differ slightly in shape and size. They all share small, bear-like faces.

Striped hyena: living in semi-desert areas, tropical savannah zones and forest forests.
Spotted Hyena: Lives in Africa in the southern desert and in the Middle East region of India.
Asar (Aardwolf) lives on the Red Sea coast and in Africa in the region from Somalia to the south.
Brown Hyena: Lives in southern Africa, the Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert.

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