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Information about Caucasian dog

Dogs are animals belonging to the Division of the animals, which are mammals and dog breed, and is a friend of the human and used for long periods of time for the custody and entertainment and play, many people are buying a dog in their homes, and vary in the types and sizes and types of dogs and even the degree of Sharhaha significantly different, The type of dog that belongs to the dog, and the most famous types of dogs known Caucasian dog, also called a dog grazing Caucasian, or Ovensharka, or dog Caucasian mountains, and the presence of this dog a lot in Russia and a number of countries, and in the countries in the north of the Harsh and south, such as Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Information about Caucasian dog
His faction dates back to the Tibetan tastan mastiff.
It is characterized by a huge dog, and it has a huge force that makes it skillful in guarding and protection. It also has a fierce aggressive tendency that forces it to strike at the enemies with great ferocity and fight them to death, and if it feels a real threat to its owner it is ready to sacrifice its life for it.
There are two types of this dog, the plains dog, and the mountain dog. For the plains dog, the fur is short, the body is slightly longer, and the structure is smaller. The mountain dog has a heavy coat, larger muscles and a larger structure.
It weighs between 73 kilograms and 104 kilograms, while the height of the body is between 64 centimeters and 78 centimeters.
He needs trained trainers who are very experienced in raising him because he is difficult to educate because of his aggressive and offensive style and his huge structure. Therefore, his coach must be strong, patient and tough because he does not easily bow down, so his relationship with his friend is friendly and free of bowing.
He has great intelligence, is driven by his instincts, especially his combat instinct, and his most important characteristic is that his reactions to attitudes are very fast and he is very dedicated to his work.
He eats quickly, has a hobby of sniffing strangers, loves a lot of fun, play and rolling, as he likes to go on a daily stroll.
He is a long-lived, well-heeled dog, but he sometimes faces some minor health problems such as obesity, heart disease and hip abnormalities. His average age is between 10 and 12 years.
It is often used to hunt bears with great skill, and it can fight wolves and win them.
I can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as extreme cold, and has been used in the army to fight with them.
Ranging from white to gray and black, it is worth mentioning that this dog breed is relatively large compared to other types of dogs.

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