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Information about Persian cats

Persian cats, or so-called Shirazi, are a distinctive species of cats that first appeared in Persia (Iran at the present time), but geneticists were unable to determine the time when they appeared or even whether they were hybrid or authentic. Which produces other species through hybridization.

General information about Persian cats
External characteristics

These cats are characterized by a full round head and face attached to the head, as her face does not stand forward from the head except in some of the hybrid cats.
Characteristic features of the ears diverged and wide eyes and thick fur and long and short limbs.
With regard to the color of the fur, these cats can own any color for cats and no specific colors this season.
The distribution of colors can also come in any form, there are cats of one color or gradient of one color or multi-color distributed to all parts of the body.
The average age of these cats is between 10 and 17 years depending on the environment in which they live and the care they receive.
It is noteworthy that the most cat catcher of the Persian cats was 19.5 years old.
the behavior

Unlike other cat species, Shiraz cats are characterized by indolence, laziness, lack of activity and calm.
But they turn to the exact opposite and become hostile and quarrels in the presence of cats from other factions in the same house or even other animals.
Although these cats are not compatible with other animals, they show great affection and friendship for people of all ages, and are even friendly with strangers.

Because these cats have very heavy and long fur, they need daily care to maintain their beauty.
Therefore, it is recommended to wash her fur daily, and carefully drying and combing deeply, and if not able to care it is preferred to cut her fur.
The negligence in cleaning the fur of Persian cats leads to the accumulation of dirt near the skin and exposure to various skin diseases.
Hybrid factions

Because of the beauty and popularity of Persian cats among breeders of cats, some have hybridized with other species to get their qualities but improved.
One of the most prominent hybrid species of Persian cats is the short-haired Shirazi cat, a hybrid between the Persian and the American and the Himalayas, a hybrid between the Persian cat and the Siamese.

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