Saturday, February 23, 2019

Macaroni Bashamel and salad

" the ingredients
 Any kind of macaroni
black pepper
Romy Cheese
Cheese paralysis
Mozzarella cheese
0.25 kg minced meat
Chopped onions
Green pepper is hot and cold
Tomatoes cut very small pieces
black pepper
Bharat is a problem
Vegetable problem
Red cabbage
Cut a small clip option
Tomato small pieces
green pepper
Cold pepper
Scattered Islands
olive oil
black pepper
Like his crown, his nostrils

1. Turn the mixture on the bacon on the cold and two dimensions on the fire to the extent of thickening
2. We climb the noodle in the ordinary way without adding oil and Mngalshlh after salting
3. Beef Casserole .. In the course of the sahana, we cut the oil, and after the meat, onion and green pepper, and stir the loaves and cut the cinnamon, spices and salt, and its share is small and two dimensions, we cut the tomato pieces and vegetables and equal
4. Place bachamil and crushed turkey cheese on the noodle and stir very coarsely and in two dimensions in a thin layer of chamellin and two layers of macaroni with the filling and above the filling cheese form and dimension of the pasta and two dimensions we take down the rest of the bishamel and cheese mixture and intervention The oven is 10 minutes long, so you will not find it, and you will find it

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