Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mix yogurt and ginger home remedy for stomach acid

Persistent burning sensation in the stomach, acid belching and nausea are symptoms that indicate you have acidity, but there is an excellent home remedy to help you.

Acidosis is a gastrointestinal disease, and many people are exposed to it regularly. It is also known as acid reflux, and is caused by excess acid in the stomach.

The acid moves up along the stomach tube and causes irritation in the entire digestive system. Some of the most common causes of acid reflux are due to unhealthy eating habits, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity and some medications.

The symptoms of acidity are abdominal pain, burning in the chest area, nausea, vomiting, burping and bitterness. Here is the home remedy that helps to reduce it.

Required components:

* A cup of milkshake.
* A teaspoon of ginger cut.


Add the ginger pieces in a glass of milk and stir well to form the mixture. Eat the mixture every morning after breakfast for a month and avoid eating it at night. If you are prone to colds, the mixture of yogurt and ginger has the ability to neutralize excess acids produced in your stomach where this treatment can calm the stomach and reduce inflammation.

This home remedy has been shown to treat acidity very well especially when used on a regular basis, and you must have a proper diet and also exercise regularly.

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