Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sandwich chicken breast with butter

Sandwich chicken breast with butter
Today we offer a quick way to Sandwich from the taste and taste of what is the sandwich chicken breast Almstredh not Hihkd you no time and no wonder at the speed of modern day for a light and delicious lunch

Breasts of cytos
Bake any kind you prefer
Sliced ​​tomatoes


1 Oud Rosemary Fresh Minced
2 m / r lemon juice
1 m / r retrieved
1 clove of finely chopped garlic
1 m / r olive oil or vegetable
Salt / pepper

How to prepare:

* In the dish mix the lemon, retrieved, garlic, rosemary, salt / pepper and oil ..
* Put the chicks in the mix of seasoning _ cover and leave 15 minutes in the refrigerator

* In the sauce on the fire put 1 m / y vegetable oil and the chopping cut the chicks until they turn to golden color
(Or in an oven of 180 degrees, put the chicks in a tray and leave to mature)

* Ndhn bread with retrieved and put leaves watercress _ slices of tomatoes _ cut chicks

The sandwich is served promptly, with health ...

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