Thursday, February 28, 2019

Smartest 5 animals in the world

Five animals on the list of the smartest animals in the world are "Shambanese, Dolphins, Rhesus monkeys, elephants, and African Parrot".

1- Chimpanzee:
It is a kind of African top monkey, originally from the Hominid family or as "quasi-human". This type of cave dweller resembles the monkey, but it is larger in size and stronger than the monkey.

The length of the chimpanzees is between 130 and 160 centimeters, while the weight is not more than 60 kg, and not less than 30, and is characterized by the strength of his muscles and arms, which is not compared to the short leg somewhat.

The chimpanzee is characterized by a body full of long dark hair, and his face is completely hairless. Many tests have been conducted on chimpanzees, and it has been shown to be very intelligent.

2. Dolphins:
It is one of the most intelligent aquatic animals. It is able to learn easily and easily. It has the ability to accept instructions and implement them. There are many incidents in which dolphins saved human lives that were threatened with drowning.

Dolphins belong to mammals and are associated with whales, who live in all the world's seas, especially in continental reefs, feed on meat and eat fish and squid.

The reason for being described as one of the smartest animals in the world is that they are able to understand the mistakes of the past and not to fall back again and are used in many presentations through training and learning that is easy and easy.

3- Elephants:
There are two types of elephants, African and Asian. The African elephants are four meters long, 13 feet long and weigh 7,000 kilograms.

Elephants are intelligent and genetically able to communicate with each other, even if they are separated by long distances. There are many elephants in Thailand who draw paintings expressing what they feel and what is going on around them. Evidence of the intelligence of elephants.

4 - Rysos monkeys:
It is one of the closest types of animals to humans is an Indian species of monkeys, but the size of a lot less, and is one of the most intelligent because it understands the details of the face of everyone around him, and able to understand whether he has an enemy or not.

In 2007, research was conducted on it that proved that the DNA has a similarity with humans by 93%.

5. African Parrot:
This type of parrot lives in South Africa, amidst forests and fields, particularly in "Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria". There are two species of parrot, African-tailed in black, called "Tamana." The second species is the African parrot, Color is one of the smartest talking animals, and it has a tremendous ability to memorize and repeat words easily.

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