Monday, February 25, 2019

Study reveals the need to eat vegetables and fruits daily

Doctors and nutritionists stress the need to eat at least 400 grams of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables daily.

Oxford University scientists calculated this amount through a study of 300,000 people aged 40-85 who were eating the amount suggested by researchers.

The follow-up of the health status of the participants in the study showed that to promote health, people should eat fruits and vegetables of all kinds and berries of all varieties, on a regular basis at a rate of 400 grams per day.

This amount should be taken on meals during the day. It is preferred to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors. Men also have to eat too many foods of plant origin.

"Thanks to this nutrition, the risk of developing ischemic disease has decreased by 22 percent, gastrointestinal function has improved and is working properly," the authors say.

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