Thursday, February 28, 2019

The most dangerous animals in the world and the most ferocious and deadly

There are very dangerous animals living in the prairie It is the strongest animals and most ferocious animals are merciless where applied to the prey and torn by sharp teeth in seconds.
                                                                                                        Today, we will dive into the depths of the prairies and the beasts of wild animals known as the fiercest animals created to prey on the surface of our planet.

   Lion: It is the king of predatory animals and the largest species of nymphs at all characterized by the lion as a skilled fisherman and very brilliant in the lethality and fermentation, especially through the claws huge and long enables him to fix the prey so as not to escape and is done by stitches those claws that resemble knives. The body of the prey. Assad can tear his prey in a short time through his sharp teeth and the lion is too evil for many kinds of mammals.

   Tiger: Tiger It is the largest and largest predators on our planet, where he and lion is the largest species of birds and there is the predator in both continents Africa and Asia. The tiger is one of the most powerful predatory animals on earth, and it also has a well-planned and beautiful fur, which gives it a magnificent view despite its extreme ferocity.

  Brown Bear: The brown bear is certainly one of the most powerful and wildest creatures on earth. These large predators spread across continents, including the Americas, Asia and Europe. The polar bear is characterized by its huge body and tremendous strength and greatness on the prophylaxis, especially through its sharp claws and huge, which is one of the largest claws in the world

   Crocodile: Crocodile is one of the most ferocious animals and the most deadly in rivers and marshes and is considered a primitive reptiles on this land, this giant animal is applied to the prey through strong jaws containing a large number of fangs where the prey is torn into pieces in minutes and looks like a crocodile In the form of animals that have lived during the last hundreds of millions of years and are the giant Jurassic reptiles.

 Hippopotamus: Although this animal is considered a herbivorous animal, at the same time it is very cruel to those who approach it and is a very aggressive animal especially when it is provoked or approached so it kills many people each year, when approaching the hippo You should expect the attack at any moment it is an animal that attacks strongly and violence and never retreats and enough to live with the fiercest animals are crocodiles.

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