Thursday, February 28, 2019

The only animal that sleeps on its back

Do you know dear reader what is the only animal that sleeps lying on its back ?? You may be surprised by the answer when you know that (human), it is known that man is classified among the animals, and we have chosen for you in this article some of the other animals to see how to sleep

Assad Assad is one of the most infertile animals, and because of this he always feels safe and not afraid to be attacked by another animal, and so we always see him sleeping on the ground

Cheetah The leopard sleeps on a tree branch

Monkeys fear the monkeys of darkness, and the young and female sleep on trees and memories under the trees to guard them

Crows and eagles These birds and their toes are held firmly and firmly attached to a fixed branch supported by the formation of toes and the materials that fit in the installation, which will help them to stick in the branches strongly allowing them to feel and feel any vibration resulting from the arrival of an animal Predator or any attacker

Ducks and geese These individuals sleep by placing their heads under one of their wings

Giraffe, horses and donkeys These animals sleep in position so that their heads are raised and their eyes are open. The reason is to provide a position protected from their main enemy, the lion. The other explanation for this sleeping position is that this position helps animals store energy during their sleep And helps the stomach to do its work

The bird of Tarasouh is a kind of bird, which resembles a penguin, sleeps by staying for miles and continuous days with laying eggs on his foot to warm his body huge, and it is worth mentioning that this bird immediately snaps immediately sensed any movement outside and act as if He does not need to sleep at all

Crocodiles The crocodile sleeps with its huge jaw for long hours without making any movement

Insects The insects that have in their composition a primitive neurodegenerative tympanic, a distinctive method of sleep is a sudden stand in the movement and stay in a special position for each type of species. For example, the bees cut their heads or degenerate their loins as in butterflies or to separate their wings like locusts

Elephant] The elephant sleeps for its magnitude on the ground on either side, but only for short periods because lying is harmful to its limbs

Finally, we note that no matter how many different ways of sleeping in different animals, one strategy remains: rearranging the musculoskeletal system. Sleep is also one of the fruits of biological development.

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