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Tourism in Athens

Greece is located on the Balkan Peninsula, the southeastern part of the continent of Europe. It occupies a space of 131,957 km² at the crossroads of the three continents; Europe, Africa and Asia; Greece shares borders with Albania on the north-west; Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north; From the north-east with its borders with Turkey. According to census statistics for the year 2015, its population reached 10.955.000 million. Greece has a history of the longest history in ancient civilizations. Greece takes Athens as its capital. Article will be spoken About tourism in Athens.

The city of Athens occupies a geographical location up to 39 km² in the southern part of Greece over the Attica plain between the rivers of Ellisos and Kivisos. The city is inhabited by 3,753,736 inhabitants according to the 2005 statistics. The climate affecting the city is the semi-equatorial Mediterranean climate, It has the highest temperature recorded in Europe according to the World Meteorological Organization, and the economy is primarily on tourism in Athens, and also depends on the banking sector and industries.

Tourism in Athens
The tourism sector in Athens plays an important role in the development of its economy; this is due to the influx of tourists from all over the world to enjoy its ancient history, which is not new to it; it has maintained its position to remain the first tourist destination since ancient times, Historical and quality infrastructure to encourage tourists to visit without hesitation.

Tourist attractions in Athens
The land of Athens is full of many landmarks that have helped draw the attention of tourists from every deep gulf. These landmarks vary from historical to historical and natural.

Acropolis Athens: One of the most popular tourist attractions in Athens is Athens.

Plaka Athens: occupies a position at the bottom of the Acropolis, with its classical buildings and a number of old museums.

The Acropolis Museum: The building dates back to 2007, and the top floor has a design similar to the famous Parthenon temple.

National Archaeological Museum: This museum displays thousands of artifacts that tell the history and events of ancient Greece.

Al-Kaftius Hill: Tourists ascend this hill to enjoy a magnificent view, rising to a height of up to 300 meters.

Temple of Zeus Olympic: dating back to the sixth century AD.

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