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Tourism in the Comoros

Republic of the Comoros
The Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros, the Comorian Union or the Union of the Comoros is a federal Islamic republic located in the Indian Ocean and consists of an archipelago of four islands off the south-eastern coast of Africa. It gained independence from France on July 6, 1975 with Moroni as its capital The official currency of the franc, and its official languages ​​are Arabic and French as well as the language of Shikomoro, a mixture of Arabic and French, an area of ​​2.235 square kilometers and a population of 795.601 thousand people, according to statistics 2016 Muslims make up 98% of the population and 2% Most of them belong to tribes such as Cavari, Skala, Antalote and Macau.

Tourism in the Comoros
The Comoros group was formed on the northern side of the Mozambique Channel from the volcanic highlands, which form the mountain peaks and the hills, surrounded by sandy beaches, coral reefs and rainforests, making it a prominent place on the Arab tourism map.

Temperatures throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 22 ° C in winter to 35 ° C in summer.
The existence of high mountain heights, which provides the visitor with a beautiful nature of rest and recreation such as the mountain of Pertala and height of 3400 meters, and Mount Cartala and height of 2360 meters.
The abundance of dense tropical forests, despite the recent decline in their area due to the excessive use of trees and predators, which are usually found in tropical forests, and include many rare species of wild plants and aromatic flowers used in the manufacture of luxury perfumes and exported to France to this end.
The white sandy beaches are long in stretch, with a length of about 340 km makes them suitable for recreation and relaxation, especially on the moon nights.
The security and political stability in the Republic, along with the originality of the people and the hospitality of the visitor.
Cultural diversity on these islands through the integration of Arab culture with Africa, which can be touched in the manifestations of daily life.

The most important tourist places in the Comoros

The sights and attractions that tourists can visit range from natural, heritage and entertainment to:

The island of Mayotte is a volcanic island characterized by its lowlands, deep valleys, tropical climate and abundant coral reefs.
Moheli Island: The smallest island in the Republic of the Republic, with its soft white sandy beaches and the presence of green turtles, dolphins and whales.
Western Comoros: It has a forest cover that makes it suitable for safaris and extensive forest exploration.
Grand Island of Comoros: The largest and most attractive island for visitors due to its nature and active volcanic mountains, and the presence of Arab cities in the uniforms and aspects of daily life, such as the capital of Moroni and Naz.
Anjouan Island: An isolated island for lovers to relax away from noise, and the visitor can roam among rainforests and floral fields such as carnations and ylang.

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