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What is the longest bridge in the world

Danyang Bridge is the longest bridge in the world and one of the greatest buildings built by man. Human beings built these bridges to connect the country and humans to each other and make the trips more enjoyable. The bridges, especially the giant ones, are important tourist attractions that tourists visit and come from around the world. The bridges distinguish their size, height, length, width, beauty and geometrical design.

What is the longest bridge in the world ?
Danyang-Kunshan Great Bridge

  • Is a bridge between Danyang and Kushan.
  • Part of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway in China State.
  • It is 164.8 kilometers long.
  • The bridge is one of the longest in the world since its inception in 2011 to this day.

The most prominent bridges in the world
In addition to the longest bridge in the world located in China, there are many other prominent bridges around the world and from these bridges:

  • Qingdao Haiwan Bridge:
  • The bridge was built around 10,000 people at an estimated cost of one billion and a half billion dollars. The Haiwan Quangda Bridge is the largest floating sea bridge over the water, about 42 km long and completed in 2010.
  • Sidewhe Bridge:
  • The bridge connects two mountains in Xi'an Padong City in Hubei Province of the Republic of China. The bridge was opened in 2009 and is four hundred and forty-six meters high, making it the world's tallest bridge.
  • Bridge Bay Bridge:
  • It is the world's bridge show opened in 2013 next to the San Francisco Bridge in California, with a width of 79 meters.
  • Milo Bridge:
  • The Milo Bridge, located in the south of the French Republic, is one of the highest bridges in the world since 2004. The project began in 1988. The study lasted thirteen years. It was then started to take three years to open in 2004. Its duration is not long Compared to the difficulties faced by engineers in that area. The length of this bridge exceeds 2500 meters, and its height reaches the highest point of 200 meters.
  • Akashi Bridge Kaiko:
  • It is the longest hanging bridge in history, with a length of 3911 meters, located in Japan across the inland Sea of ​​Situ extending between the islands of Kobe and Awaji. This bridge is also known as the Pearl Bridge, completed in 1988.
  • Raski Bridge:
  • It is the longest cable bridge around the world, with a length of 1104 meters, and is located above the Bosphorus Strait in the Russian city of Vladivostok.
  • Wanxian Bridge:
  • The longest concrete bridge in the world, 420 meters long, is located above the Yangtze River and was built in 1997.

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