Monday, February 25, 2019

What is the tallest tree in the world?

In light of growing urbanization, population activity and pollution, plant wealth has become in danger. This has led people to increase their focus on planting trees and caring for and preserving agricultural crops. Among these activities is the interest of large old trees, especially the tallest tree in the world. Where and where?

Facts about the longest tree in the world

  • It is called a redwood tree due to the remarkable color of its trunk.
  • There are a number of names for this tree, including the Redwood Sequoia tree, which is descended from the family of serotypes.
  • It contains three types: the cycuia dawn of history, the green cykia, and the giant cycua.
  • The Sequoia tree is located in the United States of America in California, where the state attaches great importance to the tree being the longest and oldest in the world.
  • It is likely that her age has exceeded three thousand years.
  • The length of the Sequoia tree is 112 meters, which for the viewer looks like a giant skyscraper, with a width of nine meters.
  • The sycophagus lives in warm, humid weather and falling rain throughout the year. This climate preserves its evergreen leaves.
  • The three types differ in different characteristics, such as the size of the trunk, the color of the leaves and their weight.
  • The Sequoia tree is sacred to the American Indians, who are sown, and its name is derived from an Indian Cherokee tribe.
  • The fruit of the cyclo-shaped cone form contains a large number of seeds, and the maturity and growth period varies among the three species as well.
  • Botanists believe that the cycloa tree has acquired red color due to a number of weather factors, which made it a distinctive and strong wood that can be used in many things. In addition, the government pays attention to the cutting of these trees for fear of extinction.
  • The government does not specifically state the location of these trees, but merely refers to them within a vast area, for fear of the arrival of the terrorists.
  • The Cyclades redwood tree was discovered in 2006.
  • The United States of America contains a group of perennial and giant trees that resemble much of the Redwood tree, but are longer and larger.

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