Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Which is better, chips or biscuits for children?

Let's differentiate here between biscuits and chips and discuss each little separately:
1- Composition:
Most of the biscuits' recipes are made from the basics of wheat flour, sugar, water that does not harm the health of children, and additional substances (cream, oil, chocolate, industrial flavors) may cause some problems and natural flavors such as nuts and coconut.
Potato chips consist of basic materials (natural potato flakes or corn flour paste chips) and additional materials (flavorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives).
2 - Method of preparation:
Biscuits are prepared by roasting in the oven most of the time.
Chips are prepared by frying in oil.
3. What did I give my children?
1 - Avoid any product containing industrial colored materials or industrial flavorings or preservatives and do not give to your children.
2 - Avoid all types of fried potato chips in the oil, which are made of corn paste (unless the plant is reliable) as frequent frying in the same oil increases the carcinogenic substances in this oil and most of the corn dough products are poor preparation and cheap mainly.
3 - Avoid all types of biscuits, chocolate, especially chocolate, poor quality or cream containing eggs, as such biscuits are more prone to damage and faster and contains large amounts of sugar.
4. Other products such as biscuits, natural potato chips and dried potato chips sold for home use, salted biscuits and breakfast cereals are relatively safe and healthy for children as long as they are given in acceptable quantities.
Finally, if you want to make sure your children are safe 100% prepare biscuits and potatoes at home!

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