Sunday, March 3, 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Operating System

Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems in the present era, despite the widespread Windows operating system. Linux is a free system in addition to being open to anyone, which allows users to access and use it free of charge. Unlike the Windows operating system that you have to pay for your Microsoft company so you can get it, the Linux system has its advantages and disadvantages, and this will be the subject of talk in this article.

Linux system optimizer
This system is low cost.
In addition, the Linux system is characterized as faster during installation.
This system is stable and does not need to be restarted periodically to maintain performance levels.
This system is a high performance system.
The Linux system is easy to modify the system according to user needs and desires.
This system has a graphical interface, which gives the user more control over the form of the device and files in the device as well.
This system is friendly, it can work faster and more reliably than alternative systems.
This system contains many design and modification programs not found in other systems that are compatible with this system.
This system is flexible, so you can choose which applications you want to use.
What distinguishes Linux compatibility is also that it manages all of the common UNIX programs, so it can handle all common file formats.
The design and installation of this system is easier.
This system can fully use the hard drive.
This system is capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time.
This is one of the safest operating systems.
The source of this system is open, which makes it easier to ask for knowledge or modification of the operating system code.
It can be used on older devices.
Linux system defects
It takes time to learn and to master its use.
Some applications are not present in the Linux operating system.
This system needs more technology for learning.
This system is not compatible with all devices.
The tools in this system are more difficult.
This system needs more time to learn.
Linux operating system does not provide commercial software, which is the most famous word processing software, Internet browser and games as well.
Finally, you must balance the disadvantages and benefits of each operating system to suit your needs before deciding what type of operating system you intend to install.

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