Saturday, March 16, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of Maserati

Maserati is an Italian automobile company that specializes in the production of sports cars and racing cars. The company remained independent until 1993, before Fiat joined its consortium. Maserati was then merged into Ferrari in the same group. Maserati has recently produced sedans to compete with other European automakers, But the Maserati cars are expensive and expensive, and the Maserati is often compared to Audi and BMW, so the specifications are comparable.

the engine

The car was fitted with a six-cylinder, three-liter engine designed by Ferrari for Formula cars.
The engine has a power of 345 hp that can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in five seconds.
This power and acceleration makes it superior to both Audi and BMW cars of the same class.
oil consumption

For every tax advantage, the great power of an automobile engine makes it more fuel efficient than other cars in its class.

Motion vector

The Maserati has an automatic speed changer with a manual switching option.
Lime moves the engine from the engine to the rear wheels 100% but there is an option to distribute the movement on the rest of the wheels evenly, but provided that the speed does not exceed 80 km per hour.
Suspension system

The suspension includes steering wheel, shock absorbers and other parts. These parts and the system are traditionally designed to lack technology. For example, the Borstring pump is hydrolyzed while the other cars exhaust an electrical system that makes it more precise and smooth.
These cars do not have an automatic rebalancing system like other cars.
Interior Design

Despite the luxury of the car and its precision in manufacturing, it also lacks the technology inside the cockpit where it does not have many additions.
In terms of seats, the rear passenger space is narrow although it is a sedan designed to compete with sedans.

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