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Advantages and disadvantages of Porsche Makan

Advantages and disadvantages of Porsche Makan

The Porsche Makan is the latest in Porsche, with its first production in 2014, as the company's goal is to create a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but purely sporty, since the Porsche Cayenne does not have all the sports features it looks forward to. Company.

Advantages and disadvantages of Porsche Makan
Alcan can be considered a miniature and improved version of the Cayenne of a purely mathematical nature.

the engine

The engine is produced with two different engines, each with six cylinders but with a different capacity. The first has 3 liters capacity and 340 hp.
While the second capacity of 3.6 liters and is equipped with a twin turbo charger provides 400 horsepower.
Motion vector

Machan can be obtained with a seven-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. Both versions of the transmission provide a quick change between the transmission speeds, making the acceleration amazing.
It can launch from 0-100 km / h in 5.5 seconds with a 3 liter engine.
While running from 0-100 km / h in 4.4 seconds with a 3.6 liter engine.
It is worth mentioning that the automatic transmission can be adjusted so that the speed switch is normal while driving inside the city.
The Makan is a four-wheel drive system that is always used as a Porsche model.
Exterior design

As mentioned above, Porsche would like to issue a four-wheel drive vehicle as a purely sporty vehicle, so the exterior of the car is designed to show that it is a 911, but larger.

Interior Design

As a sports car, the sporty character has been added to the interior, providing sporty leather seats and a space for front seats.
It is also distinguished from the rest of the sports cars in the rear seat area, providing a comfortable space for passengers.
However, luggage compartment space can be considered limited if compared to other vehicles of the same class.
It also lacks the third row of seats, which adds two seats and is found in most cars of the same category.

Makan is expensive because the standard version price is more than $ 50,000.
While the price of copies with different additions starts from 50 thousand to 73 thousand dollars.
Suspension system

Makan's suspension system lacks flexibility, as it is a bit stiff to provide the stability needed for this sports car, making it annoying for some users.

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