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Benefits and damages of testosterone for bodybuilding

The sport of bodybuilding is a popular sport for young people in general. The sport depends on building the muscle mass of the body and giving the body a proper mathematical appearance through the development of muscles through sports training. This is done by raising the muscle movement by having a certain weight effect on it And this leads to the growth of muscle mass naturally, and requires the athlete to obtain the amounts of protein, and special hormones increase energy in the body and promote muscle building, and testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body of men, and in this article is the benefits and benefits of testosterone Wen for bodybuilding.

This hormone is also known as male hormone, and is excreted in large quantities in men in the testes, and is secreted in small quantities in females in the uterus, and due to this hormone many qualities that appear on men, the most important thing related to men's sexual ability, hair growth in parts The physical body, physical and physical capacity, and muscle mass in terms of muscle strength and size. Over time, this hormone is reduced in men, weakening their physical and sexual ability over time.

Benefits of testosterone for bodybuilding
The role of testosterone is essential in the process of body building, and has many benefits to build muscle, the most important of which are:

Increase the muscle mass quickly, and stimulate the muscle tissue to grow naturally does not affect the muscles and does not carry them overstretched.
Helps to treat muscle problems, and contributes to the rehabilitation of muscle tissue in the areas of muscle ruptures and connective ligaments.
It works to re-tune muscle proteins, and this has a role in enhancing muscle capacity, increasing its ability to replace fat that is naturally lost with physical exertion.
Has a role in regulating the building of sugar glucose and insulin in the blood, and this helps to deliver food necessary for muscular tissue, which helps to increase the tolerance of muscles, and reduces their exposure to problems of muscle tension and lack of food.
Helps maintain bone integrity that has a key role in supporting muscle mass in the human body.
Testosterone damage to body mass
Testosterone may have some detrimental effects on public health, and these damage often results in getting the hormone from abnormal sources in excess of the body's capacity and energy, by injecting or taking sources that stimulate the secretion of the hormone abnormally. The most important of these damages are:

Increase the size of the muscle mass significantly and its impact on the spine and skeleton.
The appearance of a clear increase in the size of the breast in males, known as the phenomenon of gynecomastia in men.
It affects the heart muscle and causes many heart diseases.
An abnormal increase in the amount of hormone in the body negatively affects the construction and demolition process, including the construction and destruction of the muscle tissue itself.

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