Saturday, March 16, 2019

Best SUV

The car is one of the fundamentals of modern life, and the industrial countries and their international companies compete in the invention and the automotive industry, and compete in the development and modernization of forms and the introduction of new designs and models on different types of car required in the global market and local, which saw the world of manufacturing cars fast and large, Comfort and Convenience With contemporary technology, driving and mobility in modern cars is more enjoyable and easier for the driver, and we will give the best SUV in this article.

Best SUV
 BMW X6 M2017 is one of the most important and powerful SUVs of 2017, and it is characterized by its technology, excellent exterior and interior design, and its technical specifications is a sophisticated engine consisting of eight (V8) liter (4.4 liter) and low fuel consumption, Of the gasoline equivalent to (11.1) liters if the distance of (100) km.
 Mazda (cx-5 2017) is a four-wheel drive vehicle with stunning interior and exterior design and features new, charming technologies that are not found in other cars with a 2000cc, 4-cylinder, Its fuel consumption per 100 km is about 10 liters.
 The Honda CR-V 2017 is the world's best-selling four-wheel drive, with its attractive design specifications and a 2400cc engine with a fuel consumption of 100 kilometers (10 liters).
 Ford's top-of-the-line Ford Scip, which tops the list of best-paying 2017s and features a turbocharged 1600cc engine and consumes 95 kilometers per liter of fuel.
 The Kia Sportage SUV is the best-selling of 2017, and it has a significant and significant position among the modern and competitive SUVs, both internal and external, with a capacity of 2400 cc and 10 liters of fuel for 110 kilometers.
 Hyundai Tusan 2017: The four-wheel-drive vehicle, which competes with the world's leading SUVs, has been able to achieve excellence and demand in the world markets for its specifications, single design and high-speed cutting capacity with a 2000cc engine and consumes approximately 10 liters per kilometer (95) kilometers.
 The Nissan Roj 4-wheel drive: the stylish, medium-sized, five-door, award-winning SUV, the world's most popular SUV, operates with a capacity of 2500 cc and an average consumption of 10 per 80 km.
 The GMC is a magnificent and exciting vehicle, and one of the most beautiful SUVs of 2017 is its elegant interior and exterior design, featuring a 2400cc engine and a fuel economy of 10 liters for 95 kilometers.

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