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Causes of desertification

Land and green areas
Land covers the lowest part of the Earth's surface compared to water. The land area includes many terrain that varies from one region to another. The nature of the land varies from place to place, affecting the growth of different types of vegetation depending on the intensity of rainfall and soil quality , And there are many conditions that affect the spread of agricultural areas on the surface of the earth, and change the natural characteristics of the soil, which affects the fertility of agricultural land, and the result of the occurrence of many natural phenomena, the most important phenomenon of desertification, and in this article will focus on the causes of desertification.

The concept of desertification
The following is some information on desertification:

The concept of desertification refers to one of the natural phenomena that are related to the fertility of agricultural lands and their ability to germinate crops. This ability is greatly reduced, transforming these cultivable areas into desert-like areas. This phenomenon is called this phenomenon. English as Desertification.
This phenomenon is one of the most serious phenomena that can occur on the surface of the Earth because of its direct impact on the ability of living organisms to survive because of the radical changes to the natural environment in which living organisms adapted to live, which must remain normal for the continuation Ability of organisms to feed and reproduce.
There are many causes of desertification, which vary from one case to another. The causes of desertification involve a high degree of variation, and the extent of the impact on the agricultural areas, which causes the earth to mutate and decline its fertility to become desert or semi-desert.
Causes of desertification
There are many causes of desertification that can be divided into the following:

The causes of human desertification: They are those that are produced on human activity and its effects on agricultural lands. The most important of these reasons are the following:
Depletion of water sources: Increasing water consumption leads to changes in natural water sources and the effect of irrigation on different crops.
Overgrazing: This is one of the main causes of this phenomenon, where the consumption of green areas is not sufficient to provide food for livestock, which leads to a decline in the capacity of the agricultural land, and affected by this phenomenon.
Population growth: Population growth leads to urbanization and the use of arable land for construction.
Logging: Afforestation directly affects forests, limiting the area of ​​green land, thus leading to desertification.
The causes of natural desertification: These are the factors that result from a range of factors that occur in nature automatically, such as the movement of wind that degrades the soil and lose its fertility, in addition to climatic conditions that limit the area of ​​agricultural land.

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