Saturday, March 9, 2019

Common mistakes in fitness clubs

We go to fitness clubs to achieve certain goals, such as maintaining the right weight and shape, as well as to reap the health benefits of the exercise we need both physically and psychologically, but unfortunately we may do some of the wrong practices that distract us from To reach our goal of the trip, and stand in the way of achieving our goals of it, and the most famous of these errors include:

It is a pity that when we go to fitness clubs and have a specific time to spend, we miss a lot of it in greeting the people we know, Listening to their news and so on, we find that we have not spent a small amount of time in the exercise, which is unacceptable, so we should try to focus on the time allotted to exercises to be a real exercise time.

Following the same pattern in the training process, where we use the same machines every day, in the same way, and sometimes even in the same order and time division, the body will adapt to adapt them to achieve the minimum fatigue and energy, Interest, so we constantly change the pattern of the training process.

Going to the club without breakfast and exercise may cause us problems such as lack of energy and fatigue, which leads to the inability to continue the exercise, and our bodies will not be prepared to burn calories or activate the metabolism, so we have to eat Breakfast was long enough before exercise.

Excessive exercise or exercise is too simple. Heavy physical exertions are not the basis of good exercise. Simple exercises that do not require effort can not be the best, so we have to find a specialist within the club to advise. Which helps us determine the duration and nature of the sport or exercise we will be doing.

It is good to take fluids during exercise, especially those containing salts and minerals, to maintain a balance in the body, and to compensate for what was lost through sweating, but the bad here is to exaggerate the intake of juices , Which contain many calories, which directly compensate for what burned them during the exercise, or even beyond, and also these juices put large amounts of sugar in the blood, which makes the body draws energy from them, and no longer need energy from other sources .

Do not drink enough water, the body loses a large amount of it through the process of sweating, and this will make him go through a state of drought and thirst, affect the circulation, and reduce the level of metabolism, which is the main water engine, and may cause dizziness or loss of consciousness , So we have to drink enough water while we are at the fitness club.

Watching television, listening to music and songs, not following proper breathing during sports, or changing the exercise pattern, especially as we need to change the speeds or strength of the exercise gradually over a period of time, whether increased or short, and our preoccupation with entertainment may make us unable to Perform it the right way.

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