Monday, March 11, 2019

Common mistakes when exercising

running sport
Millions of people exercise daily, in different ways, whether they go to sports clubs or exercise in the open air. The speed of their choice varies according to the size of their bodies and their age. Some of them may be in error most of the time. Is summarized in several things, including:

- Refrain from warm-up or calm

Before you start jogging, do some simple exercises, such as warm-up, jumping, jogging or even stretching muscles, to avoid muscle inflammation and cramping, or exposure to some serious injuries. Relaxing muscles, After finishing the running process.

- Select shoe

Jogging is not a place for fashion, but it is a sport. You should choose what suits you, clothes and shoes, in a way that provides comfort and performance.

- Run hard and quickly

Some people may be wrong to put pressure on themselves to practice jogging quickly, and in a short time, especially those who exercise for the first time, thinking of achieving the goal, which causes them many injuries, and reduces the incentive to practice.

- Ignore the pain
If you experience severe muscle pain when you are running, you should listen to the body, stop when necessary, with no pressure on the pain, perseverance and irresponsibility.

- Provide the appropriate fuel

Runners or runners need to eat a diet that is different from the rest of the body. Fat, processed meals and fat-free proteins such as eggs, salmon, whole grains, and lots of fruit should be removed. , And vegetables.

- Non-moisturizing

Some people are wrong in not supplying the body with the amount of water they need after jogging, because they believe it is harmful to health and not useful, but it is recommended to re-moisturize when feeling thirsty while running.

- Stop running

To stop running is one of the most serious mistakes that people may make, especially the habit of exercising, so that the body is in a coma and is unable to exercise again, so it is necessary to search for the motivation that moves the body, to exercise again .

Running sport and sex
Sport is one of the means by which a person can get a body of grace and physical fitness, and not only the importance of sports at this point, but it promotes physical and mental health as well as sexual health Running sport enhance sexual ability in men and help in the healing of many diseases And running sport is also useful for the secretion of male hormones.

Running sport for beginners
Sports is a necessity because of the importance of sports on humans, especially running sport, many of us may want to start running, but in this case must take into account that serialization in the sport is important in order to avoid the injury of many chronic diseases such as heart disease And muscles, so you should step up in running, and for older people should consult with the doctor to see if this sport is in line with their health or not.

The Benefits of Running For Crash
Running sport is one of the most important sports that can be practiced to burn fat and eliminate calories, especially the fat that accumulates in the abdominal area, which causes the occurrence of rumen, and therefore recommended people who have rumen health problems to exercise running daily and in the morning and evening.

The benefits of running half an hour a day
The benefit of sport does not come from the number of hours spent in exercise, but from exercise. For example, running for half an hour a day can eliminate obesity and excess weight quickly and it activates blood circulation and promotes heart health , And otherwise helps to get rid of boredom, tension and anxiety as well.

Benefits of Running Muscle
Running is one of the most important exercises to strengthen the muscles, increase their stamina and give them the right shape as well. Varying increases the strength of all muscles, especially the thigh and leg muscles. People who exercise have a strong and strong muscle unlike those who do not exercise.

Benefits of Running for Slimming
As mentioned above, running sports helps to melt fat and burn calories and improve digestion, and it is worth mentioning that running sport increases the incidence of hunger after completion, so you should eat a healthy snack after the completion of running.

Benefits of running in the morning
Running in the morning helps to get rid of anxiety, depression and stress. It helps stimulate the cycle, and helps to get large amounts of oxygen.

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