Friday, March 15, 2019

Computer Networking: What is WiFi? How is working?

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What is WiFi?
WiFi Or Wireless Fidelity is a technology that employs radio fluctuations to transfer data from one automatic device to the another. It’s what gives your computer Tha ability to reach the internet without wires.

So, How This WiFi various from the Internet?
The internet is a large system built up of tonnes of local networks. So,  the router provides your devices and peripheries passage to this system. Still externally a router, you can have a local network. that attaches your machines without passage to the internet.
How is working?
WiFi system performs the use of radio waves to transport the data over a network. The computer must carry a wireless adapter that will transcribe info transferred into a radio sign. This identical sign will be transported, by a wire, to a known decoder like the router. Once it's decoded, the data will be transmitted to the Internet by a wired Ethernet attachment.
The data sent from the internet will also pass through the router to be coded into a radio signal that will be received by the computer’s wireless adapter. This is how wifi works.

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