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Damaged bodybuilding sport

Bodybuilding sports are based on a range of exercises and diets designed to promote muscle development in the body and promote overall health and fitness. The benefits of bodybuilding are not only short-term, but can have long-term health benefits including increased muscle strength and strength. Endurance and increased flexibility of muscles and joints, but although the sport has many benefits, the damage to bodybuilding, especially when poorly exercised, may delay or prevent access to goals.

Benefits of Bodybuilding
The focus on aerobic exercises only will lose the body one of the most important elements of the general fitness, namely muscle mass, so the sport of bodybuilding can provide many benefits and improve the quality of life, the following will be the most important benefits of the body:
Weight control: When training and increasing muscle mass, this increases the effectiveness of burning more calories, which helps to lose weight, as it increases muscle mass, increased calories burned at rest time.
Increased strength: Individuals lose about 10% of their muscle mass when they reach the age of 50, so older people who exercise strength and resistance can increase their strength up to three times their original strength, increasing strength leads to a more active and healthy lifestyle.
Low risk of injury: It benefits muscle building, help protect the joints from injury, with age, balance may become a problem that can lead to broken hip bones or any other injuries, while helping stronger muscles to support the joints.
Various benefits: Increased muscle mass increases stamina in physical activity. Stronger muscles also work against the side effects of weak muscles, which can cause structural instability and pain. Muscle strengthening also gives an attractive look and promotes respect for the muscles. Self and a sense of overall improvement.
Damaged bodybuilding sport
Sport Kemal increases body strength and helps to prevent injury, and can increase the amount of muscle in the body by engaging in strength exercises, which enhance muscle size through a wide range of activities. In addition to these benefits, the bodybuilding sport damage and its serious consequences for health In the long term, some of them come as follows: 2)
Primary weight gain
When you lose weight and build muscle mass at the same time, weight may initially increase temporarily. When you start a diet and exercise program, your muscle mass increases and fat is lost. Using lighter weights and doing more repetitions can reduce the effect of weight gain.

Stress fractures in women
The rapid build-up of muscle mass is associated with stress fractures in women, where a small crack occurs in the bones, by intensive exercise very quickly, lifting weights as much as possible, and can cause structural injury and represent one of the damage of bodybuilding.

Muscular pain
Muscle pain is produced through exercises to build muscle mass, but overuse of muscles during exercise and strength of sport results in varying degrees of pain that may last for several days, or by lifting a lot of weight or movement in an unusual way can lead to rupture in Muscles as well as tear ligaments and tendons as well as surrounding soft tissue.

Loss of reverse appetite
Bodybuilding and motivation to build a muscle mass may lead to anorexia, a condition characterized by mania to increase muscle mass constantly, while this motivation is a motivation at first, but some bodybuilders adopt an unbalanced diet to achieve the goals of muscle mass, That people with anorexia may suffer from an inaccurate perception of the body image, and the feeling that the results are not enough despite the swelling of the muscles.

Conditions for the sport of bodybuilding
The first step to bodybuilding is to go to the gym and consult with the trainer to help properly master the exercises using free weights, weight devices and so on, to avoid injury during exercise and minimize the damage of bodybuilding. Here are some additional conditions for beginners:
Warm-up exercises: Warm-up exercises should be performed for 5 to 10 minutes with some exercise such as brisk walking, which helps avoid injury during exercise.
Start gradually: Start lifting weights (1 - 2) kg only when needed, exercises can also do strength exercises without weights, by raising the weight of the arms and legs.
Increases weight gradually: Too much lift is the path to injury, but not challenging the muscles will not produce any gains, so the weights should be gradually increased.
Arrested movements: Unusual movement of joints should be avoided while lifting heavy weights, which may lead to injury.
Breathing: Maintaining breathing during exercise is very important, by inhaling when lifting weights, and exhaling when relaxing.
Muscle pain: Do not worry about pain and a little muscle fatigue that lasts for a few days, except when you feel very tired and tired, take some time to rest.
Balanced diet: You should eat a healthy diet that contains a good dose of protein, as these foods will help build muscle through the decomposition of amino acids.
Consult your doctor: In addition to the importance of consulting your doctor to start a new routine, especially when there are previous health conditions, to modify exercises and maintain safety.

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