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Defining the phenomenon of light dissipation

Light is the electromagnetic radiation that can be seen with the naked eye. The wavelengths vary from 400 to 700 nanometers; It is important to note that light is exposed to a range of effects that result in a series of new phenomena; The most important phenomenon is the dissipation of light that we will focus During this article.


1 phenomenon of light dissipation
Interpretation of the phenomenon of light dissipation
3 Examples of the phenomenon of light dissipation
Diffusion of light
The effect of the phenomenon on the white light is quite different from it in monochromatic and blue lights. Experiments confirm that the red light lacks the dissipation due to its composition Of light with only one color, while the effect of dissipation significantly on white.

Interpretation of the phenomenon of light dissipation
This phenomenon shows that white light is dissipating and releasing colors known as the visible spectrum of white light; it is one of the most common examples in our daily life on the visible spectrum; Sunlight, lamp light.
In addition, we can observe the phenomenon of light dissipation by dropping an optical beam on the surface of a slanted mirror inside a water-filled vase. The lights begin to be directly dissipated, and we see several colors known as the white light spectrum. These colors are confined to violet and red; Seven colors.
Examples of the phenomenon of light dissipation
The rainbow is also called the arc of colors, which is one of the natural phenomena that result from the dissipation of the sun's light from the sun and its breakage when it touches the rain drops and the passage of it, we observe it in the sky immediately after the sunrise after rain; seven colors appear red, orange, yellow, green, blue, , And has a semi-circular shape and is rarely a lunar shape.
Mirage phenomenon: The phenomenon of mirage is classified within the physical illusion of the human being is exposed to human beings; the man is prepared for things that are not real and do not exist, as if preparing for him near some things far more than in reality, and the occurrence of this phenomenon coupled with the exposure of light, The reason for this is the difference in temperature between the layers; the light turns away from its original path.

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